Chrome for Android: How To Speed Up Browsing

There are chances you are always using chrome if you are an android user. The pervasive and controversial browser is most people’s go-to on smartphones, on account of its overpowering mix of speed, helpful features, and customizability. So when Chrome for Android slows, there’s a decent possibility you can uncover yourself from underneath inconvenience and

10 Online Marketing Mistakes You Should Be Mindful Of And How To Avoid Them

We are all prone to make mistakes. I make mistakes, everyone does.  Even the owner of Ogbongeblog Jide Ogunsaya , one of the most successful tech blogger in Nigeria can also attest to the fact that he once made a lot of mistakes why growing his blog  It is natural.  Everyone makes mistakes but then

10 Top Social Networking Sites Every Blogger Should Be Aware Of

Today we are going to be looking at some of the top 10 Social networking sites  If you have never heard about the name Social networking sites before, here’s what you need to know What are social networking sites Social networking sites are places on the internet where you get to find a lot of