Here is a list of some of the best free Seo tools for your website .
This article covers some of the best free google seo tools to rank higher and maximize effective digital marketing strategies 
It is every bloggers dream to have his or her blog rank high on SERPs and pull a lot of organic traffic to their  blog via search engines 
If you own a blog, it is of utmost importance that you pull a lot of traffic to your blog from search engines 
Why?  Because they are one of the greatest source of organic traffic and it’s traffic is best for increase in Adsense earnings 

How Do I get to pull a lot of traffic to my blog from search engines? 

By optimizing your website for SEO making it easy for Google bots and spiders to crawl and index your site 

 What is SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search engine optimization.  It is the process of getting traffic from search engines 
There is no way you would be able to appear on the first page of Google if you are not making use of some of the best free google SEO tools which I have done well to come up with in this post 

 What are some of the best Seo tools

Best free google seo tools 2017
There are a lot of Seo tools out there and we have done well to list out some of the best Seo tools for your website 

Google Analytics 

The most valuable Seo tool you would ever want to make use of on your website is the Google Analytics tool.  
 Google Analytics is a free Seo tool that gives you insights as to how visitors find your website, keywords you are ranking for and location of your visitors .
With Google Analytics 
You would be able to manage your Analytics data
Know location of your visitors 
Know the blog posts receiving the highest or lowest views 
Learn what people are doing when on your website 

Google Trend 

If there is any way you would ever want to get organic traffic from search engines , is by writing topics that are likely to go viral on the internet and are trending .
Google Trends let’s you see latest trends,data from Google . It is an online seo tool that allows you know how often a keyword is searched 

Keyword. io is perfect for finding long tail keywords . The web tool also comes with an auto suggestions and provides you with 100+ relevant keywords for your blog posts 

Serps rank checker 

This is a great way of knowing where your site or blog post is ranking for a particular keyword 
The Serps rank checker tool displays the page on Serps that your website or keywords is ranking for 
Input your keywords and site URL and see on what page you are on SERPS

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a free Seo tool for all bloggers.  If you are looking forward to finding profitable keywords for your campaign or website, then I suggest you go for some of the best keyword research tools.
The Google keyword planner provides you with search volumes and tells you how well a keyword will perform 


Semrush is a free and easy tool to use.Analyses traffic, keyword stats of a domain name,helps you identify your competitors and see what keywords are driving traffic to those websites 

Google Search console

Search Console is a free service that allows you monitor and maintain your blog’s visibility on Search engines . When you add and verify a website to Google Search Console, you would be able to track your ranking on Serps and what country specific your blog is targetting 

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Copyscape is a free web tool that allows you check for duplicate contents 
Enter URL of any website or blog post and Copyscape would tell you where else that content exists 

Google pagespeed insights

This seo tool checks your blog loading time and shows how responsive your blog is on different devices 
Enter a URL and the Google pagespeed insights would calculate your loading time and show you how responsive your blog template is on mobile and desktop versions


You would always want to check on your competitors and see why they are always one step ahead of you. 
The SimilarWeb tool gives you an insight on the keywords, popular posts and tactics used by your competitors to drive traffic to their website 
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