We are all prone to make mistakes. I make mistakes, everyone does.  Even the owner of Ogbongeblog Jide Ogunsaya , one of the most successful tech blogger in Nigeria can also attest to the fact that he once made a lot of mistakes why growing his blog 
It is natural.  Everyone makes mistakes but then it should not be all about the mistakes but how you were able to correct them
It is important that whenever you make mistakes, you learn from them and try to ensure they never repeat itself later on in the future 

Here are 10 Online Marketing Mistakes You Are Likely To Make As A Blogger 

10 online mistakes you are likely to make

Your Website is not mobile friendly 
Having a blog for your business is not just enough. You need to make it user friendly for your blog readers. If for any reason someone would ever get to do business with you or want to spend his or her time on your website is because they find it mobile friendly and appealing to the eyes 
A bad site can chase away 75% of your blog readers
You Are Not Making Use Of Social Media 
Social media networks are growing in numbers and people actually spend more time on the internet than they do on real life 
Social media is fun.  It is filled with a lot of people from around the globe. 
If you are not having your website on social media you may be loosing out a great deal of potential customers for your business 
You Are Targeting The Wrong Audience 
Before embarking on your online marketing campaign, you need to be asking yourself these questions 
  • Who do I need to make my blog target audience 
  • How do I locate my blog audience 
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You may be making a lot of mistakes targeting the wrong audience.  You need to know where and how you can get the right audience for your blog 
Here is an ultimate guide as to how to locate your blog target audience 
You are not commenting on other websites 
Commenting on other blogs puts you in favour of search engines 
Why Do I Need To Leave A Comment On Another Website 
  • It boosts your presence online 
  • Generates quality backlinks to your blog 
  • Enhances and Promotes your online reputation and credibility 
  • Nutures your Seo efforts 
You are not promoting your website 
Surprisingly enough this is what most web marketers do. 
You can’t just have a website and not draw people to it
What is the essence of coming up with something valuable if there’s no one to read it ?
You need to work on your online marketing strategies and implement some of the best Seo techniques to increase awareness 
You Are Not Setting Goals 
Every marketer must know what he or she plan to achieve in the longrun
Set up goals and what you so to accomplish for yourself.  Once you know what you plan on achieving,you now go ahead to make use of some creative marketing strategies to bring your goals to reality 
You Lack Capital 
Blogging is just like a business and surely every business needs funds .
Having a lot of capital is one thing, making use of it effectively is another.
You need to have a marketing budget. 

You are doing it all alone 
One thing we all need to know is that every one has his or her own speciality. 
What you can do others may not be able to do and what you find hard to do may be easy for others to do
One big mistake you’d ever make as a blogger is trying to do everything all by yourself 
Your Email Marketing Strategies Sucks 
This is one mistake every newbie blogger is likely to make.  I once made this mistake when I was just two weeks old in the business .
If you are not working on your email list how on earth will you be possible to get across to your customers 
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You are not working on your Seo
Seo is the process of getting traffic from search engines.  Your website needs to be well optimized for search engines 
If you are not on the first page of Google, how then will customers be able to have access to your blog 
  • Do proper keyword research 
  • Generate quality backlinks
  • Work on your blog content 
  • Include relevant keywords in blog title and within your blog posts 
  • Write irresistible headlines. 
  • Ensure your blog is mobile friendly. 
  • Optimize blog images 
Hope this article was useful. 
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