There comes a time in your blogging career where it seems as if you are not doing it right 

Today we are going to be looking at 10 signs you are likely to fail as a blogger 
10 Signs you are likely to fail as a blogger
You are not blogging frequently

Everyone knows his or her abilities. No two fingers are the same so those it applies to the blogging industry. Some bloggers are able to pull 2 -3 articles daily while some find it hard to come up with an article every week. 
Everyone has his or her own capabilities and knows what blogging routine suits them best but then if you wish to be successful in the longrun you should be able to update your blog on a daily basis

You are no friends with probloggers
When you are new to blogging you are just like a baby who is learning how to take its first step. 
How on earth will you be able to grow if you are not making friends with top influentials in your niche who has been in the game for a while 
You are not getting offers
The truth still stands. No matter the niche you find yourself in so far as you are the best at what you do, you will always see sponsored posts and adverts coming from a lot of prestigious companies. 
If you are not getting offers from organizations or companies that’d because you aren’t good enough 

You are not working on your Seo 
To have a blog is one thing, to promote it is other big thing. 
How will people get to know about your blog if it is not appearing on the first page of Google? 
Same question goes like this 
How will you be getting a lot of organic traffic if you are not optimizing your site for Seo?
Seo is a process of driving traffic from search engines. If you have not been working on your Seo efforts then it’s high time you do so
You are not setting goals for yourself 
Funny enough so many people do not have an iota of knowledge about blogging before venturing into it
Surprisingly enough 75% of people who go into blogging do so for the money and not for the love of it. When they see a friend who has been making money from blogging they go into it thinking its that easy 
Now tell me
What happens when frustration sets in? 
How then will you be able to push forward if you have no love in what you are doing 
You are not thinking about your blog future 
So many see blogging as a get rich quick scheme but unfortunately it isn’t.  It may take years before you will be able to make your first earnings from your blog 
Ask your self this question 
  • What is going to be the fate of my blog in the nearest future? 
  • For how long will I be able to keep up to my blog 
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If you are not thinking about your blogging career in the nearest future, there is a high chance you are likely to fail
You are not generating backlinks for your blog 
Backlinks are urls that link directly to your blog from other websites. Backlinks play a major role in ranking and is one of the top Google ranking factors. Once or twice a week try to generate backlinks to sites with high DA and ranking 
You are not thinking of others 
Ninety nine percent of bloggers care more or less for their blog than they do to others. Many see it as a crime to promote other blog posts like they are in a competition or something 
If you are too greedy enough not to share other people posts, how then do you expect others to do same to your blog posts. 
You are not putting in much capital for your blog 
Blogging is like a lifetime career. Many do it for fun while others see it as a full time business.  Just like any other business you will be needing capital to keep things going.  If you are not having enough capital for your blog how then will you purchase custom themes and pay for services. 
5 out of 10 bloggers who go into blogging with no money quit in the first three months of their blogging career 
You are not growing your email list 
Email marketing is a key strategy to getting a lot of traffic
  • The money is in the email list 
Even if you are not getting it right when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines, you can still make a decent amount of traffic for your website.  Work on your email list, grow it to about 5000 subscribers a week and do not worry about Seo
Here’s a guide to put you through getting more email subscribers for your blog 
Over to you
Have you been noticing these signs in your career as a blogger. If yes I advise you find permanent solutions to them as soon as possible 

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