Today we are going to be looking at some of the top 10 Social networking sites 

If you have never heard about the name Social networking sites before, here’s what you need to know

What are social networking sites

Top 10 social networking sites

Social networking sites are places on the internet where you get to find a lot of people either promoting their web page or communicating with one another from around the globe just for fun

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit are some examples of Social bookmarking sites 

Why do I need to share posts on social networking sites 

Social networking sites are places where you are likely to reach out to millions of people on the internet.

As a blogger it can also be a source of traffic for your blog. 

One good thing about these social media networks is that you can reach out to a lot of people for free

It is easy and simple to get started.

  • Visit any of the social networking sites 
  • Sign up and create an account with them ( It is absolutely free) 
  • Complete your online profile 

Boom!  You can now be able to communicate with your blog readers for free!

The more people get to access your contents on facebook,  the more likely it is for your blog to become popular

7 best social networking sites

Twitter : This particular social networking site has been on since the year 2007.

With about 300 million active users online,  Twitter is one of the biggest source of traffic for every blogger

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Just a single tweet of your blog post on your profile can send millions of traffic to your blog

Facebook : I can’t be giving a list of some of the best social networking sites online without making mention of Facebook.

Facebook is my favorite and i am sure it is every one’s favorite too.  There’s no single day that passes that I do not login to facebook

Pinterest : Pinterest is more of a business website and is one of the largest social bookmarking sites . Pinterest is also a potential source of traffic for bloggers as people are likely to know about your website through your posts on Pinterest

StumbleUpon : Stumble upon is a great source of quality traffic for a website. This is also one of the most popular social networking sites ever known

Digg.Com: I don’t really know much about Digg but from information gathered- Digg is one of the best social networking sites and is ranked 7th on Google Page rank. You can only imagine the kind of traffic you will be able to pull to your blog if your contents are on the homepage

Reddit: Reddit is said to be the front page of all tech lovers on the internet.  Reddit works just like other social media networks and can be a great source of traffic to a specific blog. Unlike other social networking sites, Reddit has its own rules which are quite stiff.

Submitting your blog links in a spammy way can easily get you banned

Linkedin: LinkedIn is the home of all professionals on the internet.  With about 2million active users with 6-15 people signing up every single minute,  LinkedIn can be an excellent source of traffic for your website

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How to promote your blog posts with social media

Write Irresistible Headlines 

You are writing quality contents but how on earth can anyone ever get to read your posts if your blog headlines sucks?

Create irresistible headlines and include relevant keywords to it

Share at the right time 

Some may see this as something that isn’t necessary but it is.

To maximize conversation rates, you need to know what time to share your posts so as to reach out to a lot of people

See how to go about it

Look out for groups and join them

When you go to facebook you see a lot of groups there, same thing with other social media.  No matter the niche you are in, you will always see groups that are relevant to your blog niche

Look out for such groups, join them and promote your blog contents there

Do It Right

Posts with images, Infographics are likely to go viral than posts with no image.

Images add beauty to your blog posts.  Always do well to add an image to your blog posts when ever you are sharing on social media

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Share Customer Testimonies

Before anyone will ever want to be a part of your business, he or she must have seen two or three persons giving good reviews about your website.

It doesn’t matter the number of clients you have as your customers.  Be it one or two, you can also ask for a review or testimonies of which you can equally share to social media networks


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