How To Set Blogger Author Profile Widget : How To Edit, Add Links And Make It Appear Below Posts

The Author Profile widget for Blogger simply allows you to add a short bio to your Blogspot blog, thereby making it easy to tell your blog visitors, a brief about you. You can add the Blogger gadget to the header, sidebar & footer sections of your Blogger blog and you can as well, set it to display below all your blog posts.

If you’ve linked your personal Google+ profile to your Blogger blog, and adds the widget to your Blogger blog sidebar, footer or header, it will display as About Me widget if you are the only author/admin but it will display as “Contributors List” widget if your blog has more than one admin/author.

If you set it to show below blog posts, it will only display the profile of the Author that published the post.

Kindly note that linking your Google+ profile to your Blogspot blog will make Blogger to display your Google+ profile picture, name and introduction as the “About Author”.

How To Edit Blogger Profile

Editing the Blogger Author Profile is now very easy. All you just need to do, is to sign in to your Google account and go to :

Thereafter, scroll down to the “Story” section and click on the “edit” icon. Then, edit accordingly. You can add links to anywhere; your social media profiles, opt-in pages etc

Click OK when you are done.

Can’t find the “Story” section?

Just click on the “+” icon to set it up as seen in the screenshot below :

I hope this helps.

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