Five Tips On How to Add a Widget Under a Blog Post on Blogger

Customize your blog’s appearance with an image post divider:

Blogger widgets, or “gadgets,” allow you to customize your blog template by adding either pre-made applications or your own HTML, CSS or JavaScript to the site.

The use of widgets customizes and adds functionality to your blog, and the drag-and-drop layout page makes it easy for even a beginner to design a blog and move widgets anywhere, including under a blog post. By moving widgets under a blog post, you increase the visibility of the information in that widget. Ads, for example, gain more exposure, and the likelihood someone clicks them increases.

Step 1: Sign in to Blogger. Click “Design” to change the layout of your blog.

Step 2: Add a widget by clicking any “Add a Gadget” link, if you don’t currently have any set up, and save it.

Step 3: Move the mouse icon over the widget, click the mouse button and hold it. This allows you to drag-and-drop the widget elsewhere.

Step 4: Drag the widget to the location under the blog post box on the layout screen. A dotted line shows on the screen beneath the blog post when you hover over the correct location.

Step 5: Release the mouse button, and the new widget snaps into place. Press “Save.”

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