Best Way How to Unlock ZTE MF190 Etisalat Modems with DC Unlocker

As we all know, whenever you buy a new USB modem in Nigeria – it is usually locked so that it doesn’t use the SIM card of other networks except if the modem we are talking about is a universal modem.

But seriously, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a new modem and you won’t be able to use other SIM cards on it; at least you bought the modem with your hard earned money and you have control over your money Right ?

So, in this post I will be teaching you step by step WAY on how to easily unlock your ZTE MF190 Etisalat modem, but note that this tutorial will also work for other ZTE MF190 modems be it MTN, Glo, Airtel or what have we again so far it’s the ZTE MF 190type.

-> First of all, download The DC unlocker by clicking here if you don’t have before.

-> Now, make sure you have removed everything in the modem including the SD card and SIM card in order to make the unlocking process easy and trouble-free.

-> Now, insert another SIM card into the modem e.g. you can insert MTN, Glo or Airtel SIM card into it since we are trying to unlock a Etisalat modem and vice versa, hope you get ?

-> You should now unzip the DC unlocker you downloaded in Step 1 (you can use winrar, winzip or any other unzipping app), then open dccrap.exe.

-> After opening Dccrap.exe, you can now plug in your modem and wait for a while till the Computer reads and identify the modem.

Dc+unlocker+-+unlock+modem-> Now, choose ZTE data cards in the select manufacturer list (No. 1 in the screenshot).

-> Choose Auto detect in the select model drop-down list (No. 2 in the screenshot).

-> Don’t bother to touch the Ports list, just click on the search button (No. 3 in the screenshot).

-> Now, you will see the DC unlocker is checking and testing your modem according to the text that is being displayed in the box below the options.

-> When you’ve seen that the DC unlocker has detected your modem, you can now click on unlock under the unlocking options (No. 4 in the screenshot). In just few seconds, you will see a successful screen that tells you that your card/modem has been unlocked successfully.

You are now through with your modem unlocking, now you can insert as many SIM cards as you want on your modem and you won’t see any restriction again which means that you now have power over your own modem.

I am very sure you won’t have any problem while unlocking your modem because it is very simple & straight forward but if you face any problem, kindly make use of the comment box below – I’ll be glad to help.

Cheers !!!

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