Why Most Nigerian Bloggers and Entrepreneurs Will Never Make It

As Entrepreneurs, the only thing that makes us smile more than getting a business idea is getting profit and getting lots of it.

Unfortunately, most Nigerian Bloggers and entrepreneurs only open their business for such aims and nothing more; they all want to make PROFIT, not Impact.

Which leads to a big problem; a communicable one that it is spreading among them all.

Of course we all want to make profit, but that does not mean we should produce counterfeit or copy others ideas just to sell to market who lacks those basic ideas.

This is prevalent in the Nigerian blogosphere.

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If you look at the American style of blogging you will see that blogging to them, is a way to share with the world your ideas, experiences and struggles you have gone through to achieve a certain purpose. This creates a community around these bloggers, because people want to learn from their personal experiences and they are very valuable.

Here in Nigeria, most bloggers see blogging as a way to post what is easy just to make money. No impact, no sharing of ideas, experiences etc. If you look left and right, all you will see are entertainment blogs posting same gists, news, gossips etc.

They may say it is all about passion and that is what they are passionate about. As far as ai am concerned, blogging is not all about passion, it is all about you.

I read SEO techniques only from a certain site not because they are ranked first in Google, but because it was a human being that wrote the articles which include his experience and struggles. They are not copied or robot written articles like the ones many of us do publish on our blogs.

Remember as a blogger you are not a big website, this goes for many health bloggers who behave like health websites. Stop posting as if you have tried everything you post and post the thing you have tried. Let people love you for your experiences and since everyone is unique, that will be something new.

As an Entrepreneur, or a blogger the only way you can make it is to make something new or something improved and attractive. Take Bella Naija or Linda Ikeji and Jide Ogunsanya for example, these people came when blogging was so new to Nigeria and in fact they brought something new and attractive to Nigeria that people loved.

So you cannot start a blog now and just expect people to love it. People will only love it if it gives something different and attractive.

As for many Entrepreneurs, learn from Mark Zuckerberg, this man impacted the world through his social media platform which practically connects people irrespective of distance or network. So long you have internet access, you can talk to someone in Africa even if you are in Bangladesh and now he makes billions from it. Every software and appliance created from MS Word, to Blenders, to Computers to air-conditioners was created as something new and to impact and improve people’s lives…

That is why the big names of today are known and trusted. Not because they went for something that will make them profit big time, but because they went for something that will improve the standard of living or thinking in the world.

So you as an Entrepreneur or Blogger, instead of creating what others have created before, you can just improve what has already been created, bring out your own ideas into it. Rather than being an entrepreneur which is making his own brand of soap, or assembling cars, you can create something more than just doing what the Americans have done. Made in Nigeria will not make sense if it is not something improved on and REALLY made in Nigeria.

So rather than sitting and searching for a post on another blog to share, sit and ask yourself that if someone wants to make a reference to my blog, how will he describe it?, how will he describe me?.

Life isn’t made for those who are searching for the easy things to do. It was meant for those who are here to remodel it to fit their own perspective.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise..


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