How To Enable Whatsapp Free Call Feature


Here is a method to enable WhatsApp Call, feature on your Android phone, without any invitation. One of the users at Reddit has found a tricky method to get WhatsApp call feature even if you don’t have any invitation.

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Officially, Indian user can only use free voice calling feature if they already have the invitaion from other that is using this feature. Earlier we have informed you that WhatsApp has started to rolling-out its free voice call feature to Indian users. But the WhatsApp free call feature comes with a catch, it is only available to those who have invitation.Therefore, you have to find somebody who already have the free call feature.

Moreover, the WhatsApp free call feature is available on the latest build which is not available on Play Store for now, Though you can download the latest version WhatsApp 2.11.508 apk from our site.Below is the method to get whatsapp call feature on your android phone when you don’t have the invitation from one already using it.

Note that Voice calling feature of WhatsApp is valid only for Android phones.User having Windows phone or iOS have to wait some days for it. Download Whatsapp 2.11.508 APK for Android and follow below instructions to enable voice calling on your Android phone without any invitaion. finally added this new feature.

Note : Above method is little bit tricky and some of you might find it difficult to process.The simplest method to get the call feature is to drop your numbers below and ask politely for the person who already have the Official invite of this app.Share the story and get the Voice Call feature on your phone.Leave your queries below and we will surely get back to you as soon as possible.