How to opt out of Etisalat unsolicited calls and messages


Unsolicited calls and messages, are so common in the circle of GSM providers in Nigeria, which include Etisalat, MTN, Glo & Airtel and subscribers of each of these networks usually complain about it.

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You hardly see a phone owner that won’t complain about these unsolicited calls and messages.

Many have long clamoured for a way to opt out of these unwanted services that keep draining our batteries, taking up spaces on our phones and making our phone ring and making you pick up your phone as if the incoming message or call is one worthy of note.

Some of these networks even take this act to another level by automatically subscribing you to services that you are not interested in and they keep deducting your airtime balance for these unwanted services. For the record, I have been a victim of this a number of times myself.

Most times, sending “CANCEL” or “STOP” to the short code for that service should cancel your subscription, but a lot of times, even when you send “CANCEL” or “STOP”, the service is still not cancelled. However, all the GSM providers, have a way of opting out of all these unsolicited calls and messages, even though they may not publicize it.

So, if you are an Etisalat subscriber and you wish to opt of everything unsolicited from them, simply send STOP to 2442.

You would get a text message saying that your request has been received and would be processed in 24 hours.

In conclusion, if you are tired of receiving unsolicited calls and messages from Etisalat, all you have to do is to send STOP to 2442. Good luck.


  1. aaahhh!!!.. you may not know I feel now….Etisalat own plenty….I keep deleting messages every time…I tried it yesterday and up till now,I've not received any annoying unsolicited message..nice to update boss…God take u to higher place