How To Borrow Airtime From Mtn In Nigeria

This article would explain in details to you “How To Borrow Airtime From Mtn” In Nigeria.

“MTN XtraTime” permits ualified clients get to broadcast appointment using a loan when their record adjust is too low to have customarily proceeded with an on-going call.

The broadcast appointment got using a loan can be utilized for all chargeable exercises on the MTN arrange.

How To Borrow Airtime From Mtn In Nigeria

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Who can utilize MTN XtraTime?

MTN XtraTime will be accessible to dynamic paid ahead of time MTN clients. Other qualification criteria include:

  1. SIM must be paid ahead of time
  2. SIM must be enrolled
  3. Client’s primary record adjust must be amongst N0 and N12
  4. MTN’s thought of Customer’s month to month revive recurrence
  5. MTN’s thought of Customer’s normal month to month spend
  6. Client more likely than not paid up any past XtraTime ask for and the charges related thereto.

Step by step instructions to get to MTN XtraTime

– Clients can get to MTN XtraTime by dialing *606#.

The accompanying Menu will then be shown:

– Clients can then therefore check qualification status, ask for Airtime (XtraTime), ask for Data (XtraByte) and take in more about XtraTime by choosing “Next“.

Accepting MTN XtraTime credit

Borrow Airtime From Mtn In Nigeria

At the point when a qualified client demands for Xtra Time, the XtraTime credit will be loaded in a unique XtraTime account once the demand is affirmed. Clients can check their Special XtraTime account adjust by dialing *606#.

Utilizing MTN XtraTime

Broadcast appointment progressed with MTN XtraTime can be utilized for all chargeable exercises on the MTNN organize. Once XtraTime credit is depleted, clients won’t have the capacity to play out some other chargeable exercises until the XtraTime obtained is paid for.

MTN XtraTime Service charge

MTN XtraTime pulls in an administration charge of 15% of the broadcast appointment acquired.

For instance, if N100 XtraTime is asked for, an administration expense of N15 is first deducted, and the rest of the N85 is credited to the client’s extraordinary XtraTime account.

Paying back MTN XtraTime

Clients can utilize the typical adjust enquiry order (*556#) to check the exceptional XtraTime sum owed. This order will give back a negative esteem demonstrating the exceptional XtraTime sum.

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This owed amount will be recouped at the precise next revive made by the client. In situations where the energize sum is not as much as the remarkable XtraTime sum, resulting revives will be utilized to recuperate whatever is exceptional.


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