Etisalat (9Mobile) Data Plan, Best Bundles For You

Etisalat (9Mobile) Data Plan

Have you seen these Etisalat Data packs?

We both know this: “Etisalat Nigeria” has outstanding among the other web benefits in the nation right now. We likewise both realize that; hey are not so much modest. In any case, there’s uplifting news …

On account of a current information designation upgrade over every versatile system in Nigeria, “Etisalat internet bundles” are presently considerably more reasonable to the ordinary web client.

With Plans, for example, 1GB for just ₦500, the internet bundles featured in this post would serve you right on the off chance that you, an Etisalat endorser and you are hoping to get the most out of their web access.

Top Etisalat (9Mobile) Data Plans in Nigeria 2017

“9 Mobile (Etisalat Nigeria) Data Plans”

Have you experienced my chronicle on the best web packages in Nigeria? Kindly do, however in the event that you have as of now, you’d have seen that articles in the document are organized in light of their legitimacy periods.

“The same would remain constant for this article, so leggo!”

Day by day Data Plans:

Hoping to get to the web on Etisalat for just 24 hours? These internet bundles will give you a chance to do only that without embedding a gap in your pocket.

– 10MB for ₦50

Alright, contrasted with the 30MB Globacom offers you at this same cost, this is shocking 🙁 however it’s a decent change from what used to be conceivable.

With a legitimacy of only one day, you get 10MB to surf the web on Etisalat for just ₦50.

To Opt in

Dial *229*3*8#

– 40MB for ₦100

On the off chance that ₦100 is all you need to surf the net with, you’re qualified for 40MB on Etisalat. That 40MB is substantial for 24hours.

To Opt in,

Dial *229*3*1#

Week after week Data Plans

7 days sort of stuff.

150MB for ₦200

How they came to finish up on offering this specific package still perplexes me as “ordinary” week by week packages are commonly around the ₦500 check (that is the thing that we are utilized to). Be that as it may, damnation! It’s a decent arrangement in any case.

At ₦200, you will be allocated 150MB which is legitimate for 7 days.

To subscribe?” Kindly Dial *229*2*10#

End of the week Plan

Airtel was the person who began this “devoted end of the week design franticness” offering 1GB for ₦100, at that point GLO went with the same pattern and presented a night + end of the week crossover at a truly sensible cost. Presently, this is what Etisalat brings to the table.

1GB for ₦500

In respect to other end of the week designs, this one may in any case be on the higher end of the value range for most people – Hell, Glo offers 3GB for this same sum!

Be that as it may, most clients would concur with me that Etisalat’s web association is more dependable than other versatile system suppliers’ in many areas in Nigeria.

For ₦500, you approach the web (topped at 1GB) for one end of the week – between Friday 11:59 PM and Sunday 11:59 PM.

You need access?

Dial *5995*2#

Month to month Data Plans

Long haul things 😉

500MB for ₦500

Go and look anyplace else, Etisalat is the main system supplier in Nigeria that has a month to month information offering at this cost.

With such section level cost for a month to month membership, this arrangement is focused towards light web clients (Nairaland and the punch team) who have exceptionally fundamental web needs.

Now and then, I think about this arrangement as Etisalat’s solution to Airtel’s Opera Mini Bundle (which gives 250MB for ₦300 legitimate for a month and usable just on Opera Mini) or Facebook’s Free Basics (free access to the web, politeness Airtel) with media.

This arrangement is legitimate for 30 days.

To get this package,

Dial *229*2*12#

1GB for ₦1,000

Just the same old thing new, wouldn’t fret blowing, simply ordinary. With “a thousand naira” you could be 1GB wealthier for 30days.

Contrasted with the opposition, this is poor (I know), however that is the reason there’s the opposition. You have many better choices.

To Opt in

Dial *229*2*7#

1.5GB for ₦1,200

Etisalat does not esteem it fit for people who have only a thousand naira to appreciate what is being delighted in from a large portion of the other system suppliers.

Normally, for ₦200 less, 1.5GB is the thing that you get from MTN and Airtel.

Glo even offers 3.2GB for that sum!

Lo and see, on Etisalat, you pay more, and get far less. 🙁

To get 1.5GB on Etisalat for ₦1.2k;

Dial *229*2*25#

2.5GB for ₦2,000

A long time back, on the off chance that somebody had disclosed to me that “Etisalat surprisingly” would have a web package, for example, this in their list, I would have reproached the individual.

Super quick web access is getting shoddy in the Nation – It’s the main thing getting shabby however 😥 (Buhari!!).

Where do I begin grumbling from? 🙁

Half a month prior, I was cheerful,. Etisalat was all of a sudden getting less expensive and afterward bam!

The costs shoot up once more. 🙁

The 2.5GB arrangement is legitimate for a month and costs just ₦2k.

To get this arrangement,

Dial *229*2*8#

3.5GB for ₦2,500


To Opt in;

Dial *229*2*26#

5GB for ₦3,500

To be completely forthright, I’m enticed to discuss Glo information designs here (once more).


Cos, for this same sum you could get more than twofold the measure of information. Be that as it may, I won’t discuss Glo ( 😛 ), this article is for Etisalat and Etisalat alone.

Alright, Etisalat attempted sha, at any rate contrasted with the measure of the information that used to be labeled to this same sum, 5GB is a change.

Substantial for 30 days, 5GB could be yours inasmuch as you can drop “only” ₦3,500 on the table for Etisalat.

To subscribe,

Dial *229*2*9#

11.5GB for ₦8,000

See en, I won’t speak excessively about this arrangement – I’m as of now talking sef 🙁

The arrangement is legitimate for 30 days (like the others).

To select in,

Dial *229*2*5#

It ought to be noted however that Etisalat still has more web packages on their list; these were recently the main ones I saw as sensible. To see all Etisalat web groups, Visit their official website page.

Likewise, information rollover applies to every one of the packs plot in this article.

Thus, if other web administrations are strong in your general vicinity, do well to look at their offers and run with them.

In spite of the fact that, the estimating of these internet bundles is a change from what we have dependably gotten from the average Etisalat they are still somewhat more costly than what you can get somewhere else.


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