6 Things To Consider When Opting For An Already Used Domain Name

6 Things to consider before buying an already used domain name 

6 things to consider before buying an already used domain name

The First and most crucial step to take after you must have created a blog is to find the right domain name 

 What Is A Domain Name 

A domain name is more like your website name and as we all know two websites cannot have the same name that is to say your blog domain name is unique, you can never find two or more websites bearing the same domain name, it is not possible.  They might be similar or related to each other but they can never be the same
When going for an already used domain name there are some things you would want to put into consideration before buying that domain name 
There is a high chance you might end up buying a domain name that has technical issues or has been blacklisted by Google or is banned from Google Adsense 
And so there is every need for you to take into consideration some important factors when buying an already used domain name 
In this post we are going to be looking at some things you need to know before going for that domain name 

6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying That Used Domain Name 

Domain Age

How old is the domain name that you are planning to buy 
Is it a new domain or has it been up and running for some time?  These is one important factor you need to put into consideration when opting for an already used domain name 

How Important Is A Domain Name Age For Seo 

Domain age is one crucial Seo factor 
The older the domain name the more relevance and value it is given by Search Engines and so it is of utmost necessity that you look into  how old the domain name is before opting for it

Domain Extension 

If you have been or let me just say if you have been that active on the internet, when ever you perform a search on your mobile device via Google you see that all the sites that are on the first page has a. com, . net or .org domain extension
It is important you go for a. com  or. net domain extension as it is more preferable by search engines rather than a. blogspot or. wordpress domain extension 

Domain Name 

A domain name is limitless and is said to support up to 70 characters that is to say you can get a domain name that is quite lengthy and is up to 68+ letters but then it isn’t a wise choice to go for a domain name that is that long
If you want to make your blog look professional then you have to opt for a short domain name and is well optimized with keywords .

Good Domain Authority 

Selecting a domain name for your blog is crucial for your blog success yes that’s true but do not be in a hurry.  Don’t just go for any domain name but go for one that has a good DA

What Is Domain Authority 

A Domain authority is a measure of the strength of a domain name and how well it is to rank on search engines ,it is one of the many Google ranking factors 


You will only end up been penalized if your domain name is linked to another website or is copyright . Buying an already used domain name that has been blacklisted by Google would only bring you more trouble 

Domain Status 

If a domain name is old then it must have been up and running for a long time. Check past histories, activities and see if that domain name has been blacklisted or is linked to a malicious or fraudulent activity 
If that domain name you are about going for those not or has no concord with what has been written in this post and I advise you not to go for it
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