How Often Should You Update Your Blog? Read This

How often should I blog?  
How many blog posts am I to publish every single day” ? “What are some of the best days to blog” 
These and many more would be touched on as we move forward 
In this article we are going to be looking at some of the idea Blog post frequency and how often you are to update your blog , therefore in the off chance that your question is “How Often Should i Update my Blog” Pls Continue reading…

How Often should I blog for Seo

How often should you update your blog

How Often Should i Update, Write Post On my Blog

So many has been forced to believing that blogging every day is  crucial and is of utmost importance to your blog success and they feel discouraged to open a blog as they know they won’t be able to put up with such stress 
That may not seem to be true as there are no guided policies or guidelines as to how often you should blog. 
You do not need to blog every day, all you need to do is find that  idea blog post frequency writing habit which works for you and stand by it. if blogging twice a week or probably few times a month suits you best, then I suggest you stick to it 
Before you go ahead choosing whether or not you are to post daily, here are some things you would want to put into consideration 

Why posting everyday might work for you 

When you blog every day,  you build your writing, communication skills and helps you develop a strong writing habit.  
Every one knows what he or she is capable of.  If you know blogging twice a week can end up with you blogging once or twice a month, I advice you post every single day so as to build on your writing skills and help you develop a strong writing habit 

How many posts am I to publish every day on my blog 

If you really wish to rank high on Search engines, then posting two or three articles a day might just work for you. Niches like Entertainment,  Gossip and Celebrity news are fast moving niche and has a lot of  competitors. 
If you want to be one step ahead of your  competitors, then blogging twice or thrice a day is the best option for you.  The higher number of pages a blog has,  the more visible it is on search engines . 
You should always work on posting daily if you really wish to get more traffic from search engines 
If you are to post daily, 
  • Always keep your articles short and straight to the point

  • Try various text and post formats so as to make your blog interesting and not just some piece of crap 
  • Proof read,  plan and schedule posts ahead of time.  You would not want to end up providing your readers with lots of meaningless piece of chunk all in the name of wanting to post every day

Why one or two posts a week might be better

Times have changed when they were few blogs on the internet and readers be eager for something new and would always  check back to your website.  We now have about 100+ different blogs on the internet been piloted by diversed individuals .
If a blog reader lands on your page and finds out you hardly post on your blog,  they exit at the very first moment they get on your blog to go look for other blogs who offer contents to what they are after. 
This is one of the reasons why you should consider posting on a daily note,  but then , when you post every day on your blog,  it’d become so noisy that your visitors get pissed off and leave immediately 

How many posts per week is best for Seo

One of the researches  conducted attested to the fact that readers would unsubscribe from your email list if they get sent a lot of emails from your blog,  it would make them feel your blog is spam and not well  coordinated 
This is why I think blogging once or twice a week is better. 
As a blogger, posting twice or once a week allows you come up with the kind of posts that are  meaningful and are likely to get a lot of comments and shares 
If you’d choose blogging twice a week,  
  • Look at possible ways to make your blog popular 
  • Experiment and come up with posts that are stuffed with relevant keywords and are likely to rank high on Search engines 

Finding your perfect blogging routine 

One thing in life is that we are all different.  Two fingers are never the same, we all have our own flaws and difficulties and that which we are good in
If blogging twice a day is something you are good at,  then I advise you write your articles,  skim through them properly and make use of a social media tool to schedule your posts. 
Or possibly, you are the type that can only put up with few articles a week or a month, then I suggest you take your time and always come up with posts that would be useful and appealing to your blog readers 
When you think you must have found your blogging routine, stick to it.  
What works for you might not work for your readers.  Carry out a research and know that which your readers likes best.  
If your readers prefer posting twice a week to twice a day and you blog every day,  then I advise you make a change in your Blog routine and ensure you find out what blog routine suits you best and your readers 
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