How To Add An Alt Text To Your Images On Blogger

Images add more beauty to your blog contents.  If you are adding an image to your blog posts it would also be necessary to add an alt tag to it

What is an Alt tag

How to add alt tags to an image

An Alt tag is an acronym for Alternative Text. Alt tags gives better description of an image and makes it easy for search engines to  index it properly

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Search Engines, Google bots can’t read images that is why it is necessary to add an alt tag. When you add an alt tag to your blog post image you give search engines a clue as to what the image is all about . In a situation where users are unable to load an image it is the alt tag showing on their screen that gives them an idea of what information the image is trying to pass across

Why are alt tags so important 

Google bots just like any other visually impaired person can’t read images and so there is no way they would be able to index your blog posts easily and this can affect your ranking . When search engines crawl your site and do not find an alt text it would take it as though there are no images present even if there is and so it is necessary that you add an alt text for every image on your blog post

What Does A Good Alt Tag Look Like 

A Good alt tag should be short : If your alt tags are too lengthy you might just be scaring away your blog readers and so try as much as possible to keep it short and brief

It Should be descriptive : If you are adding an alt tag to an image that’s because you are trying to pass a message across to search engines on what the image is all about since they do not read pictures . An alt tag should be descriptive and self explanatory

It should be stuffed with relevant keywords : This is one place where search engines always get their eyes on and so it would only be wise for you to include your targeted keywords here

It should not have phrases like “image of”, “screenshot of” : If you are adding an alt tag to an image you are already giving a description of what the image looks like so there is no need of adding these phrases to it

How To  I Add Alt Tag To An Image 

Here we would be looking at it from two aspects

Compose mode : When you are about creating a new post on your blog, click on the Compose mode

After you must have added an image to your blog post, click and hold on the image for some time

Click on Properties

You would see a window showing on your screen just like it is on the image below

Here you would be able to add a title tag and an alt tag to that image

Html Code : This is what an image would look like in a Html form

<img src = “smiley. gif” >

Src specifies the universal resource locator ( URL)  of the image. When ever an image is clicked on by a visitor, he or she is taken directly to the URL on the image’s SRC

If you are adding an alt tag to an image this is what you should be having

<img src =”smiley. gif” alt =”***”>

The space marked “***” is where you’d be required to add an alt text to an image. What ever is written there is what will be shown on your blog image for all those who are unable to load images properly on your blog

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Alt texts serve as text alternative for Search engines so they should be short, stuffed with relevant keywords and be self explanatory

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