How To Send And Receive Android Applications On Whatsapp

How To Send, Receive And Install Android Apk files via Whatsapp

Hell yeah this is an old trick but surprisingly enough 85percent of Whatsapp users and most people around us are ignorant of this Whatsapp trick 

To all those who texted, sent emails and asked me to write a simple step by step guide as to how to send and receive files on Whatsapp today is your lucky day
And so I have done well to come up with an article on how to send and receive Apk files via whatsapp for free 

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You are not going to find this anywhere and this is why we remain the very best in what we do
This article covers an ultimate how-to-guide on how to send and receive Android apps on whatsapp 
How to send apk files on whatsapp

Am going to be making everything here clear and vivid for everyone to understand so therefore we be looking at how to do this from two different aspects 
 Step 1
How To Send And Receive Android Apk files on Whatsapp via Es file Explorer 
Step 2
This would be the easiest.  
How To Send And Receive Android Apps Via Whatsapp The Normal Way

How To Send And Receive Android Apk Files On Whatsapp Via Es File Explorer 

Download Es file Explorer app here
Install app and open
Swipe your Phone screen to the left until you see a list of all your installed apps 
Long press and click on the app you wish to send until it has been highlighted . You would need to back up the app
On the left bottom of your screen there is a ‘backup‘ option , click on it
Swipe your phone screen to the left and you see the backup file of the app,this is the file you’d be sending not the original apk
Long press on the backup app and look for the rename button at the bottom of your screen to rename the file
A rename window will appear on your screen and this is where you get to add an extension to the file
Let’s take for instance the file name you are about to send is Es file explorer.apk
The new file name should look like this 
Es file explorer.apk.txt
Click and save file
Longpress on the app and select share showing at the bottom end of your screen 
You can now be able to share files to individuals and groups on Whatsapp
Receiving an app
When you receive an application via Whatsapp it is always on the “.txt” or “.pdf ” format

Here is how to receive and install apps sent via Whatsapp 

Download the app just the same way you do with other media on Whatsapp
Open Es file explorer 
Go to Local / Internal storage 
Look for the Whatsapp folder and click on it
Under the Whatsapp folder look for Whatsapp Media.–> Whatsapp Document this is where the file would be saved 
Long press on the app and select rename 
A rename window would appear, edit all extensions added to the file be it “. txt” or  “.pdf” and rename to “.apk”
Save file 
You can now be able to install this app on your Android device 
Step 2
How To Send And Receive Android Apps Via Whatsapp
This particular method is far easier and straight forward than that of the Es file explorer 
Locate your file manager 
Search for the app you wish to send and click on it for long 
Rename this file by changing the ” .apk ” extension with a ” .doc” or ” .txt” extension 
Edit and save 
Long press on the saved app and click on Share To Whatsapp 
Receiving an app
Download and receive file
Go to file manager 
Locate Whatsapp folder—>Whatsapp Media—>Whatsapp Documents
Long press on the app and click on it to rename file i.e change file to “.apk” 
Edit and save 
Click on app to install 

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