One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

One screenshot you must include when pitching a sponsored post is very important for bloggers who wish to earn from sponsored contents

One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

If you are familiar with sponsored content as a source of income, odds are you’ve been requested a media kit or a proposal to do a sponsored post. Sadly, the world of sponsored post rates and surveying the estimation of your site is somewhat similar to the wild, wild west.

It can be overwhelming putting together a media kit, particularly when you don’t have the ‘big numbers’ everybody appears to display and anticipate. So most bloggers takes a look at what every other person is doing, and after that creates something similar. Brands would then be able to contrast one blogger with the following essentially by taking a look at the details they’ve included.

While that is great for them, it’s bad for you. You would prefer not to be judged on numbers alone. Two bloggers with a similar audience can produce altogether different outcomes for a supported campaign. Also, a smaller blogger can regularly beat a bigger one.

One of the greatest issues with media packs is they regularly just feature the sums, for example, reach (Users) and pageviews (Impressions) for as far back as 30 days. They’re seldom separated by demographic or location, and never by topic. Greater numbers may look more amazing, however they can set the wrong expectations.

Another issue is showing averages, for example, average time on site or average bounce rate. They’re average point, which influences them to look… well, normal.

On the off chance that you need to truly inspire a brand, make a media kit that spotlights on the theme of the sponsored post.

Suppose you have a baking blog, and the brand needs to promote a chocolate item. Wouldn’t it bode well to demonstrate how insane your audience is about your recipes that incorporate chocolate?

Truly consistent right? Be that as it may, what number of you really do it? Perhaps you’re not by any means beyond any doubt how to do it.

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Indeed, today I will demonstrate to you how with Google Analytics.

What screenshot do I require?

Navigate to Behavior, and afterward All Pages, results for all your content will be shown (typically arranged by pageviews).

One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

In any case, what you truly need is a screenshot that features content identified with whatever subject the sponsor is interested in.

Using Darren’s Digital Photography School blog for instance, suppose I needed to pitch a sponsored post to a Wildlife Photography Tours organization. Normally I’d need to show what number of individuals are occupied with Wild life photography content on the DPS site. Assuming the term ‘wild life’ is in the URL of these posts (all things considered, it’s great for SEO, right?), I can use the search function in Google Analytics to convey the pertinent content to surface.

You might not have seen the search function some time recently. But its there, in the middle of the screen. Furthermore, you write in a keyword (on our case, ‘wild life’), it will return a list of blog entries with that keyword in the slug.

One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

Also, this is the place it gets interesting.

Rather than generic tools, you’ve now shown enthusiasm for the sponsored’s topic. For our situation, the screenshot shows interest (pagevuews) for over a year. All things considered, sponsored posts stay nearby a great deal longer than a month. Furthermore, why pitch for one sponsored post when you can demonstrate to them what a long-term partnership could resemble?

You can likewise bring up things like the time on post being longer than the average time. (Agencies love ‘dwell time’ as a measure of engagement.)

Obviously, you don’t need to place this in your media kit, in spite of the fact that you absolutely can. I ordinarily either send or install it in my introduction email and attract attention to it.

You can at present included totals in your media kit, and most potential sponsor would expect that. Be that as it may, now you can likewise send them something they most likely wouldn’t expect, which will enable your pitch to emerge from the rest.

What are some fascinating things you’ve done to help your sponsored post recommendations emerge from the rest? Please let us know using the comment box below.