StumbleUpon: How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO


Today we’ll be discussing about How to do Social Bookmarking, the meaning and the benefits of Social Bookmarking for SEO.

SEO organizations and firms charge dollars for proficient SEO administrations to their customers and the customers pays them joyfully on the grounds that they get viable outcomes.

Why these individuals pay dollars to the organization on the off chance that they can learn SEO themselves by reading on the web instructional exercises and practising them? The explanation for this is if perfect Search Engine Optimization can develop your blog ranking then finished and awful SEO can destroy your blog totally.

That is the reason it’s a superior choice to invest some cash on your blog optimization. This speculation will give you numerous seasons of advantages and your online business will develop. These organizations chips away at numerous procedures to advance a site to get it at top significant web searches and today in this post I’ll examine around a standout amongst other SEO methodologies that is Social Bookmarking which goes under Off Page SEO.

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Most of the newbie bloggers who begin learning SEO from reading on the web instructional exercises exclude this system from their SEO plans as a result of the following reasons.

1. They don’t aware with Social Bookmarking.

2. They don’t have proper knowledge of how to do it for SEO.

3. They feel it as a waste of time to submit links on various social bookmarking sites.

Whatever the reason yet we ought not overlook Social Bookmarking for better blog optimization. Today in this post we will examine about what is Social Bookmarking, how it works in SEO and what are its advantages.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an approach to bookmark our most loved website pages online to read them whenever and any place in the event that we are associated with the web.

Why Social Bookmarking Comes?

When we surf the web for information’s, we bookmarked some site pages in our browser so we can read them later without surfing the web once more.

But since of any reason if our browser crashed or our system get formatted or on the off chance that we are not at the front of that PC where we stored our bookmark then we can’t get to them.

We need to again surf the web to look through those pages. To beat this issue social bookmarking comes. Presently we can utilize our bookmarks effortlessly from any area utilizing any PC which is associated by the web.

How Social Bookmarking Helps in SEO?

The website pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites is considered as a quality backlink according to web search engines.

Furthermore, we as a whole realize that the quality backlinks encourages us to expand blog traffic and Google Page Rank. That is the reason SEO experts incorporate SB in their SEO practices.

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How to do Social Bookmarking for SEO?

Making SB isn’t an intense showing with regards to. Everybody can do it in the wake of figuring out how to do it.

To begin with you need to gather a rundown of best social bookmarking sites so you can without much of a stretch begin your work on them. You can use this Social Bookmarking List to begin the procedure.

When you are prepared with the rundown, take after underneath ventures to do Social Bookmarking.

In this instructional exercise I’m taking a case of an exceptionally celebrated SB site i.e

1. Go to

2. Create an account or you can also log in with your facebook account.

3. Now click on the little drop down arrow along with your username at the top right corner and choose Add a Page.

StumbleUpon: How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO

4. Now fill a simple form with the appropriate information about your web page like web page address, category, tags etc and click on Add This Page button.

StumbleUpon: How To Do Social Bookmarking For SEO

5. You are done!

Note: Don’t begin submitting your links in social bookmarking sites after reading this tutorial.

The submission ought to be appropriately with the goal that you blog dependably get free from any SEO penalties since I have just said that wrong SEO can affect your blog ranking negatively.

There are parcel of things which we should remember amid submission. So make a point to do social bookmarking precisely. Thanks!