If you are looking for some of the best marketing strategies to attract more traffic to your website then you should probably be reading this 

This article covers some of the best content marketing strategies to attract more website visitors
5 content marketing strategies to increase traffic
Traffic is equal to money for a blogger, if people are not visiting your website how then will you be able to get potential clients for your blog, how then will you be able to get offers and business deals from organizations via sponsored post. You just can’t.  No organization would like to advertise or pay for a sponsored post on a blog that is not getting much traffic and so you should be working on some of the best practices to get people to read your blog 
There are a hundred and one ways to get more blog traffic but today I will be sharing with you guys some of the 5 best content marketing strategies that has been tested and working 

5 Content Marketing Strategies To Increase Blog Traffic 

Write Quality Contents 
If you are not writing contents that adds value to your blog readers or is preferable by search engines you might just end up not getting visitors to click on your blog
When you write an article, write one that works best for your blog audience and search engines 

How To Write Articles That Works Best For Your Audience And Search Engines 

  • Pick a topic that is broad and is regularly searched by your blog readers 
  • Do proper research and come up with a content that is interesting  informative and educative 
  • Add images, videos that can add value to all what you are trying to pass across 
  • Link to other competent blogs and two or three pages on your blog that is relevant to the topic discussed 
  • Make use of long tail keywords in your blog title and all over your blog post
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Articles of this nature contain about 1000 – 2000 words and has a chance to rank high on search engines 
Write Irresistible Headlines 
How would anyone get to know what a blog post is all about if not through its title
Your blog headlines are what visitors will always see when they search for a particular topic on the internet, it is your blog headlines that determines whether or not a visitor would want to open and read your content 
A good content might be ignored if its headlines is not that convincing and compelling 
Write headlines that are eye catchy and irresistible and ensure it is a replica of what the post is all about. It would not be nice for someone to click on your post and see something that is far different from what was written on the blog title 
Guest Post On Other Blogs 
When you guest on other blogs that are on the same line with your blog niche not only do you generate a backlink, you also create for your self an additional source of traffic to your blog. Your blog posts get exposed and reaches out to a better audience than that of your blog. 
But then there is one misconception most bloggers do get about generating backlink for their site, today i will be shedding more light on that as we move on
A Backlink is a url that links directly to your blog from another website-Everyone knows this but did you know if there are no records of visitors coming into your blog from another website it is not counted as a backlink  – Guess you didn’t know this 
Even if you guest post on about a hundred and one blogs and add your site url to your profile , if no one clicks on your blog address from any of the websites then it would not be counted as a backlink 
The best guest blogging strategy is to guest post on reputable blogs that has a larger audience and is likely to generate more shares and clicks 
Come Up With Post Ideas That Are Likely To Go Viral 
Sometimes you should not be worried about writing for search engines, you just have to pay more attention to your blog readers 
Write contents that are unique and are likely to go viral on the internet.  Articles of this nature should be educative and should add more value to your blog readers 
Nurture Your Seo Efforts
Seo is a process of optimizing your website to pull a lot of organic traffic to it
To optimize your blog for Seo, you should be making use of some of the best Seo techniques 
  • Focus on your blog niche and try not to divert from it
  • Do internal linking and link to two or three pages on your blog that is relevant to the topic discussed 
  • Work on your blog loading speed 
  • Come up with a perfect domain name for your blog 
  • Include keywords in your blog title and within your blog contents 
  • Ensure your website is evergreen and do not forget to update your blog on a daily note
  • Submit blog to web directories
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