If you have been searching for how to boost your Adsense earnings then you are in the right place 

Increase Google Adsense earnings

Here I be sharing  5 proven ways to boost Adsense earnings  so as to make more money for your self from your blog 
Adsense is one of the best monetizing program for bloggers,you would not believe if I tell you that I and my team make nothing less than $100 a month from Google Adsense 
Quite huge for a blogger right?  You might think so but I know of a guy who earns not less than $1000 a month from Adsense not to talk of what he gets from other monetizing programs
Adsense is arguably one of the best Ad networks to monetize a blog but I still see a lot of people who find it hard to eke a living from Adsense 
If you are one of such persons then I advise you stay put and listen to all what I have to say in this content 

How To Increase Your Adsense Earnings 

It is commonly believed that traffic is proportional to how well you are to earn with your blog,  it is a common belief infact I have seen a lot of professionals in the blogging industry who attest to that 
I once had a friend who said you would be able to make $100 a day from Adsense if you get not less than 100,000 page views a month. This might not be that factual but it isn’t far from the truth 
Yes traffic goes a long way in determining your Adsense earnings but it isn’t the only factor.  Reason be that there are other factors which contribute to your Adsense income revenue 

Organic Traffic 

Traffic from search engines do well and are best for Adsense. You may b get a lot of traffic to your blog but still find it hard to earn from Google Adsense why?  because your blog traffic is coming from a low cpc source or country 
Write articles that are targeted towards countries like the US,  UK and Canada and see how your Adsense earnings would roll up to the top

Try Various Ad Formats 

Image ads do better than text ads.  It is no doubt, images are eye catchy, compelling and add more beauty to your blog contents but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making use of both Ad formats 

Block Ads That Has A Poor Performance 

You can now block an Ad and stop it from displaying on your site.  The new Ad category blocking now makes it easy to block ads that are not making high conversations. 
If you know of any Ad category that performs poor or has a low Cpc rate it would be wise for you to block such Ads.  I once did this on my blog and I saw my Adsense revenue increase to about  7%

Make Ads look more relevant 

Ads shown by Google 
on a page is based on the content of that page.  You need to make your Ad relevant and ensure your blog ads are in one accord or is relevant to your blog article

Placement Targeting 

If you are not getting much clicks on your ads then it is because people are not seeing them and there is no way you’d be able to make much income for your self . Configure your ads in such a way that it blends with your blog design and also work on some of the best Ad placement to increase earnings 
  • Add ads in and within your blog post
  • Make use of a 300 * 250 336*280 size for your banner ads
  • Add ads before and after a blog post 
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Try this methods and tell us which worked for you.  Do share post and invite all your friends to our blog! 



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