The worst thing for a blogger is to experience Writer’s Block. If you are not aware about what a writer’s block is then you can check out the article about writer’s block. If you also experience writer’s block and run out of post ideas, then you should start using mind mapping ideas. Mind mapping is best way to generate post ideas.

Mindmapping always helps in long run, when ever you are doing Keyword research that’s the same time you can decide about the main topic of the article. Or when you are creating a website, you can always use any of these free mind mapping apps to make a business plan and important points which comes after brain storming.

I prefer to use FreeMind software for mind mapping. But sometimes it’s risky to use software for mind mapping because it’s not portable and there might be chances that your computer get crash and you lose your mind maps. Thus, it is better to choose for online mind mapping tools. These online tools help you to create and manage your mind maps from anywhere and without any installations.

Useful list of Free Mind Mapping Web Apps

1. is an awesome and free web application that helps you to create colorful mind maps online, share them with friends and embed your mind maps on your blog and many more. mind mapping

How I Overcame Writers Block In Three Easy Ways

2. MapMyself

MapMyself is another web application for mind mapping. It is available for free as well as paid membership, you can choose according to your needs. It helps you to create perfect organic looking mind maps.

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Mapmyself mind mapping

3. Mindmeister

Mindmister is a simple and neat web application to make your mind maps and share with your friends and team. It gives you option to export your mind map in number of formats like PDF, RTF and JPG. Like MapMyself, Mindmeister also provide free and paid service.

Mindmiester Mind mapping

4. Mind42

Unlike MapMyself and Mindmeister, Mind42 is totally free mind mapping web application. It is fun to work on Mind42 because of its features like attaching notes and images to branches, linking branches to other blogs and many more. This web application is worth trying.

Mind42 mind mapping

5. Wise Mapping

Wisemapping provides you powerful editor to make colorful mind maps. It is user friendly and easy to share and tag with your friends and coworkers. There are no restrictions about the links used in Wisemapping.

wise mapping mind mapping

You can use these web applications to build, share an publish mind maps easily. Don’t forget to share with us which Mind map web application you use to avoid writer’s block?


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