You may be wasting your Seo efforts if you are not getting it right- This is why I advise most bloggers to never rely solely on Google for traffic 

Seo is a complex process. 
Not everyone gets it right.  You may be wasting your time on Search engines not knowing that little or no efforts on your own side on other traffic sources can give you a heads start over Google 

Here are some reasons why you should not rely on Google For Blog Traffic

Why you should not rely on Google for traffic
You Cannot Tell Search Engines What To Do
You have no control over Google Algorithm.  Google cares less or more the amount of traffic you get to your blog. 
Seo is a complex process and is always undergoing modifications. It is your job to keep up to the latest Seo trends to make your blog rank high on search engines. Whether or not your blog’s ranking increases or decreases,it is of no concern to Google . 
What happens to when you have little or no time to keep up to the standard and fluctuations in Google Algorithm

Not a good strategy if you ask me
There Are More Useful Traffic Sources Out There 
Google pays little relevance to blogs with low organic traffic
But then if you would ask me I say Google is just one of those effective traffic sources. There are still many search engines out there that I know of can be also a great alternative for website traffic 
  • Yahoo 
  • Bing
  • Ask.Com and not to say other social networking sites like facebook, twitter are also a great source of traffic for your blog 
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You do not need to depend on Seo when there are many other effective source of traffic out there that requires little or no effort 
Too Many Competitions
There’s a lot of competition out there when it comes to ranking on search engines. Everyone wants to appear on the first page of Google but certainly not everyone does.
 Why waste your time on Search engine optimization when there are various ways of getting traffic to your blog 
Google pay relevance to sites who are getting a lot of traffic from alternative traffic sources 
What if I tell you that you can appear on the first page of Google without having to spend more time on Seo. You can also rank high on Yahoo, bing and other search engines and equally get your website to the top 
The Risks Are Not Worth It
Seo entails you writing quality contents, building quality backlinks and making use of blog images of your own. Just like how Seo techniques are fluctuating so are the penalties too
The more you try to implement such techniques, the more mistakes you are likely to make
I guess you never heard of a blogger who lost everything just because he was making use of someone else’s blog image without he knowing it was copyright 
Not cool if you ask me
You Are More Likely To Tamper With Your Readers Experiences 
This is one question you should be asking yourself right now
Should I be writing for search engines or for my blog readers 
If for any reason you ever had a blog is because you wanted to solve some one problem right? 
So Now tell me- What’s the essence of writing a post that would rank high on search engines and not do so well for your blog readers. It should always be about your blog readers and nobody else, not even for Google 

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