Today we would be discussing the 6 best ways to come up with blog topics even when you are short of ideas 

How to come up with blog post ideas

No matter how passionate you are or the kind of knowledge you have for a blog niche, there comes a time when you are likely to run out of topics to blog about . It is natural, it once happened to you. At a point in my blogging career I ran out of topics to write about on my blog.I was dumbfounded, every thing changed, my traffic stats were dropping and I was loosing a lot of visitors.  Luckily enough I was able to come out of this situation and today I will be telling you guys how I was able to come up with ideas of my own even when I was short of blog topics 
Here are some of the best ways to come up with blog ideas to write about even when you are down at some point in time 

6 Ways To  Come Up With Blog Post When You Are Short Of Ideas 

Ask Your Friends And Loved Ones For Ideas 
I know you may be wondering what good can your friends who have little or no idea about what you are doing offer.  Try going to them for ideas.  You may be surprised by the level of ideas, insights you’d be able to get from them.  Ask them if the need arises and hear what they have to say. Who Knows you might just end up getting countless number of ideas from them
Look Out  For Other Blogs In The Same Niche 
No matter the blog niche you find yourself in, there is one or two blogs out there who has been on the same niche with yours and has been up and running for a while . No one knows all.  Look out for other blogs on the internet, go through their blog posts and get an idea of what their blog post is like .  Luckily enough you might just end up coming up with ideas of your own you never once imagined 
Look around you
There is this saying that says ” what you are in need of is only a step away“. Look around you, you never can tell what meaningful idea you would be able to get by just taking a look at your surroundings.  Sometimes looking around your environment gives you an inspiration or insights as to what topic you are to write about on your blog 

Let It Come Naturally 
Sometimes the perfect way to come up with ideas is to let them come naturally.  You may desperately be in need of topics to write about not knowing they are in you.  All you have to do is let them in. Surprisingly enough ideas do come on their own when you less expected them
Think Like Your Customers 
Generally we write for people but if you are badly in need of blog topics it would only be wise for you to think like your customers . See yourself as a visitor and ask yourself this question what blog topic am I crazy about.
Think like your blog followers and ask them what blog topics they are crazy about, when you do so you would be able to know what blog topic to write on
Look Out For Comments 
Always from time to time give your visitors the opportunity to air out their views so you  have an idea of what they really want.  Add a ” Send me a message ” page on your blog homepage so users will be able to communicate with you.  When they do, you can equally ask them for blog topics to write about on your next post 
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