You just bought a brand new Android Phone and you are beaming. Before using your new smartphone, read through to checkout the first things to do when you buy an android phone.

7 First Things To Do When You Buy A New Android Phone

The customization that makes Android so versatile and powerful is a similar thing that can make it a bit of intimidating at the start. Since so much customization is needed, it’s difficult to know where to begin! Luckily, we have a rundown of the first things each Android owner need to do with their phone when they remove it from the box. These little exercises will guarantee that you are getting the most out of your gadget from Day One.

1. Check Out Your Device

First of all, pause for a minute to truly appreciate what you’re holding. You are presently the casual owner of a portable device with lots of specifications and features.

Take time to go through all your phone’s packaging and assess all that you claim. Review any warranty data, and observe any additional items that came with your phone.

Some Android telephones came with disassembly tools, so make sure not to toss that out on the off chance that you ever need to change the battery or install another SIM card.

You most likely likewise got a miniaturized scale USB charger and perhaps a clever arrangement of earbuds.

2. Prep For Data Downloading

Go ahead and connect your phone to see if its charging. You will play with your new toy for the following couple of hours, and you don’t need it biting the dust on you appropriate amidst a critical procedure.

Additionally, you’ll likely need to interface with a remote system on the off chance that one is accessible. All things considered, not every one of us have boundless information, and you’re more likely than not going to download a huge amount of information amid your first day with your phone. It may be a smart thought not to begin eating into your limited data immediately.

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3. Sign Into Google and Let the Magic Flow

When you turn on your phone, a walkthrough will control you through the setup procedure. One of the main things it will request that you do is sign into your Google account.

You can skip this step if you want, yet we genuinely don’t suggest it. Signing into Google connects your gadget with a huge amount of different administrations, and it’s the initial step you will take toward customizing your phone.

Activating this account will set up your email, calendar, and contacts list automatically, and it will set up your phone to synchronize your identity across other phones. It’s additionally required for the Play store.

In the event that you’ve had an Android gadget some time recently, at that point you’re going to witness some magic.

After you sign into your Google account, your telephone will connect with the Google Play Store and endeavor to download all the applications you use often.

Right in your eyes, your phone will change into a quicker, sleeker variant of your old smartphone.

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4. Set Up Your Space

Presently, on the grounds that your smartphone is introducing all your old applications, it doesn’t mean you need to continue doing things a similar way.

Getting another android phone is a fantastic chance to kick some negative behavior patterns and begin settling on some better life choices. Or if nothing else some better application choices.

It helps along voice commands, which are superior to they’ve at any point been, and it routinely gives you “cards” that suspect your searches and interests.

Likewise, rather than using your phone’s default browser, Give Chrome a try. It connects up with some other devices you used Chrome on, and it’s extremely quick.

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In case you’re feeling adventurous, lots of users like using custom keyboard like Swiftkey or Swype. These can focus on your writing habits and make texting a breeze.

It’s likewise important to recall that on the grounds that your apps automatically re-installs themselves, it doesn’t mean you’re done. Despite everything you’ll have to sign into Facebook, Whatsup, Netflix, and whatever different services you have.

5. Secure Your Device

Your phone contains a considerable measure sensitive informations. Therefore, it’s important that you set up some strong safety measures to secure your privacy and identity.

Access your phone’s security settings, and setup a PIN or example pattern lock. This can be somewhat annoying, however it’s better to be safe than nothing.

Many phones nowadays additionally come equipped with fingerprint scanners, which are more advantageous than traditional pins, patterns, and passwords.

Check whether your phone has Smart Lock capacities. Smart Lock is an entirely cool feature that lets your phone bypass the lock screen certain circumstances.

For example, you can set up your telephone to stay opened if it’s in the region of a specific Bluetooth gadget, similar to your car stereo.

It might likewise have the capacity to detect whether it has been set down or go to another client since the last time it was opened.

6. Ensure everything is up to date!

There’s a truly opportunity of a lifetime that your gadget may have a couple of updates sitting tight for you. In some cases they will be minor fixes or speed improvements, once in a while entire new forms of Android – particularly if your new telephone has been available for a little time. You can check for the most recent system updates by going to Settings > About Phone > System Updates.


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