Amazon EC2 AMIs with .NET Core on Amazon
Amazon EC2 AMIs with .NET Core on Amazon

Amazon EC2 AMIs, Amazon EC2 Web Services now offers Amazon Machine Images (AMI) with .NET Core on Amazon Linux 2 and Ubuntu. Furthermore, the Amazon EC2 AMIs are packaged and pre-configured with .NET Core 2.0, PowerShell Core 6.0, and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) enabling you to quickly and easily deploy and run .NET Core applications on Amazon EC2.


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Amazon EC2 AMIs with .NET Core on Amazon
       Amazon EC2 AMIs with .NET Core on Amazon

Moreover, PowerShell Core 6.0 provides you with a shell and scripting experience similar to Windows. The AWS CLI allows you to interact with the AWS services through a command line.

In Conclution, Amazon EC2 AMIs are provided at no additional cost beyond the Amazon EC2 instance hours used and are available in all public regions.


Perhaps, you can now use the AMIs directly through EC2 Console or AWS Marketplace. Visit the EC2 user guide for step-by-step instructions on launching an EC2 instance and to get more resources in our documentation.

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