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This is a guest post compiled by Awogor Matthew for Howtosguide Blog

Blog commenting is a mutual way of reaching out to other bloggers and creating backlinks to your blog/website.   

Moreover, blog commenting is good for building backlinks to your sites, it’s also a good way of driving traffic to your blog.   

With blog commenting, lots of people will get to know about your blog and will always want to click on the link to your blog.   

Many bloggers have made more than rocky mistakes in blog commenting. These mistakes are what you are going to learn in this guide.   

What is my story regarding commenting on blogs? I started blogging as an entertainment blogger some time ago in 2014 and I was very stingy in blog commenting. I thought I would make that person look famous by leaving a good comment on their blogs rather than me. 

This is a bloody truth of the selfish mentality of bloggers in blog comments.   I was very stupid and lazy leaving a single comment on a blog until the day I noticed the power of blog commenting.   I can’t go much into details of my selfish citation for blog comments. 

How did I discovered the secrets of blog commenting? 

I changed my mind to blog on reviews the day I discovered the power of building a brand online. I told myself entertainment isn’t my calling in blogging. Since then I changed my mindset of blogging and blog commenting.   

I have been doing well in building backlinks since the day I discovered the trick. Am leaving credit to Samuel Igwe of who challenged me to be a top blog commenting blogger. 

I once shared a guest post on loudtips blog sometimes ago on the topic understanding your blog DA and PA, my very aim was to tap from his influence as a blogger and gain a trust flow too on my blog and get a DoFollow backlink which was my primary aim of sharing in respect to driving traffic.   To my greatest surprise, when I send the post to him for review he actually accepted the guest post and publish it.

But what really happened?

I looked long to get a DoFollow backlink from him and this is what happened.   He gave me a No-Follow backlink and I was furious why I will write a post of 1k+ words and could not get a dofollow backlink.   

When I contacted him of the reasons why he couldn’t give me a dofollow backlink he told me he doesn’t give dofollow backlinks and that if I do want to build backlinks I should use blog commenting.   Hey! Come on buddy, blog commenting? How do I get backlinks through blog commenting? Do you think I have that whole time to leave a comment on a post? No matter how interesting it is? 

Is it leaving a comment on a blog like. “Nice article, commenting from…. or admin of…. or is it nice one, also read <a href=””>naija…. bla…bla…bla</a>?

Okay, I had to give it a shot and start the process. I leave almost 50 comments on 50 different blog posts that day. Very thoughtful ones.
I made it a promise to always leave comments on any Post I visit and that have always been my hubby.
Now that you have seen my own experience as a blogger and why I choose not to comment on blogs, what else? Can you be so bold to tell us why you normally don’t or rarely comment blogs?

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Blog commenting Mistakes bloggers make

Many bloggers feel they can build do-follow backlinks when they leave some kind annoying comment that will cause havoc to the author. They are lots of opportunities you will drive from leaving a comment on a blog post.

But these mistakes are common for bloggers when leaving comments.

1) Commenting outside the topic.

Many bloggers will visit a blog post and leave an annoying comment that has not even one word related to the topic of discussion. This is bad, I never realized it until I gave myself to blog commenting. These are kinds of bloggers that don’t read and digest articles but go straight to the comment box in search for a backlink.

When leaving a comment on a blog, read very carefully to assimilate the information then leave a comment and see Google and authors handwork. People will want to follow your link to see your personal blog by doing this. Assimilate and regurgitate the information you have comprehended through the post.

2) Trying to get a backlink through comment box.

Hey, buddy relax, you heard me right, don’t be too hasty looking for massive backlinks in a comment box. I have personally deleted nearly 500+ comments on my blog.

This is reasons being that those comments look spammy. Is either they don’t have any view close to my own view but just threw their URL like that. This action can even do you more harm than good.

Google will penalize you for building bulk backlinks to your homepage within that day. If for example, you’re looking for backlinks through comment box, then 10 to 15 comments are enough per day.

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3) Leaving Annoying Kind of Appreciation

A friend of mine whom I trusted ones visited my blog and left one annoying comment that got me angry one day.

Those kinds of comment are call spam comments even though the author never meant to spam the comment box. For example: “Nice one” Thanks for sharing, good article read also:

A comment like this will quickly inform google of spam so avoid them.

4) Thinking you are helping the author

Forget the feeling of thinking you are helping the author become popular. You are not, your comment won’t make any sense without his/herself doing the necessary works (SEO and Promotion)

5) Attaching links in the comment box

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add your blog URL during commenting. The truth is that ordinary link to your homepage that uses your comment name as anchor text is good enough to give you backlink. Why bothering yourself adding <a href=”, </a>? Those won’t help you rather reduce your Domain Trust.

6) Not setting custom avatar 

Yes even though you own a blog on blogger or WP, you can set a custom Avatar for your public email. This email should be used to comment on blogs. This way will increase your chances of getting backlinks through comments because authors will want to approve your posts on time.

7) Thinking a blog DA/PA is too poor for your backlink to be establish

Behind every successful blogger, today was ones a beginner. So seeing your blog as prior seniority thereby not commenting on other blogs is killing your chances.

Every blog you visit, so long it’s a blog you should leave a comment no matter how new or poor in SEO it is. Definitely, they are also working on updating theirs which means “chances are, they are going to be better tomorrow”.

Rap Up!

Blog commenting should be done in a right way. If you think you need to grow your blog both search engines results and popularity and you are lazy in guest posting, the only way you can help your career is by leaving thoughtful comments on blogs.

Don’t consider any fault why you should not consider blog commenting, but always see the need to do that. By this doing, the world of blogging will be an interactive place for everyone.

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awogor matthew
Awogor Matthew

Awogor Matthew is an internet marketer, a freelancer and a content writer at Review Netgato. He has helped many people grow their websites and blogs through his motivational tutorials. His blog is base on writing reviews on products and services then affiliate marketing.


  1. My gratitude bro, Howtosguide Blog is always on the lookout for experienced writers who are passionate about writing tutorials and tips related to blogging, social media, digital marketing, money-making ideas, etc…

    Thank you once again for the well compiled guides on Blog Commenting.

  2. Hey Matt,

    Great to see you on Benson's Blog.

    Blog Commenting is definitely one of the best ways to Expose your Blog to New Audience and also build relationship with other bloggers and their readers.

    However Blog commenting's been misused, some use it to get backlinks wrongly, some for traffic only and so on.

    Taking Part in Blog commenting would definitely help your Blog achieve that exposure it really desire.

    But its way good to do blog commenting the right way and you've highlighted the Possible Mistakes many make.

    Good One.

    I always recommend you comment on blogs to build relationship and other benefits such as Backlinks, Traffic etc would be added automatically!

    Great Post once more.

  3. Thanks so much Bro prosper Noah for adding another inspirational fact to this article.

    Moreover, you have added that Blog Commenting is definitely one of the best ways to Expose your Blog to New Audience and also build relationship with other bloggers and their readers.

    Thanks once again for sharing this key points to Howtosguiders.


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