Becoming a blogger isn’t all about your skills. If you don’t have all it takes to be a blogger there’s no way anyone will see you as one

Today we are going to be looking at 8 reasons why people may not see you as a blogger. 

Here Are 8 Reasons People Are Likely Not To Take You Serious 

8 reasons why people don't take you serious

You are not writing quality contents 
Sometimes it should be all about quality and not just quantity.  You can write an article that is 1k+ words and still not be able to pass a message across to your readers. Why? . 
Because your blog contents lacks quality. 
You are not original 
As a blogger you should be original, you should be able to come up with articles of your own without having to copy from others. Google hates it so does your blog readers. No one would ever take your blogging career serious if all you do is copy people contents 
Your contents are not that informative.
If there is any reason why people have websites running is because they wish to reach out to a lot of people. As a blogger, your blog posts should be informative and must add value to your blog readers
You are not solving a problem 
A blogger is one that looks into the problem of his or her blog readers and go into research to find solutions to such problems. If you have never succeeded in solving a single problem for your blog readers then you are not a blogger 
You are on a free hosting platform 
How can you claim to be a professional when you are still on a free hosted blog. 
A free hosted blog doesn’t give a professional look and isn’t preferable to your blog readers or search engines. If anyone will ever want to take you serious then it is because you are on a self hosted platform 
You are new in the business
Surely if you are new to the business then you might not be seen or referred to as a blogger.  A novice can not go to another novice for help but rather he’ll go to a problogger
You have to be old in the business before you can be seen as one. 
You are not blogging frequently 
A blogger is a person who is always updating his blog on a daily basis. Blogging once or twice a week doesn’t give a good impression. If you wish to be taken as one you should be able to come up with at least 2- 3 articles of your own daily 
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You are not writing lengthy articles 
When you have full knowledge about something you can go as far as writing an article of 2k words and above because you have prior knowledge about it but if you are not familiar with a blog topic there’s no way you can write 500 words for it. A blogger is that person who is sure of coming up with at least 1k words per article 
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