Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

I was in a conversion with someone on a Whatsapp chat where she was curios to know the difference between WordPress.com and wordpress.org. So Howtosguide takes the best time out to write this Article so that all the readers out there who wants to know the Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org will have the right answers they need to get started and to choose which is best for them.

Is there a difference between the two? Which is better? These are some of the most common questions that we all ask.

So lets take a closer look at the below differences

You get a full domain on WordPress.org but only a sub-domain on WordPress.com

Sub-domain is a part of larger domain. For example, our site domain name is Howtosguide.com.

If my sub-domain is Bosstimmyblog, then my full domain name will be Bosstimmyblog.Howtosguide.com. See the difference?

When you go and sign up on WordPress.com you’ll get a domain name like: YourNewBlog.WordPress.com 

When you go with self-hosted WordPress, you’ll have your own domain name like: YourNewBlog.com 

On the downside, your blog address will cost you around $10 per year. It’s not much, but still some money.

WordPress.com has more limitations than WordPress.org

WordPress.com has around 100 free themes to choose from, WordPress.org (self-hosted) has around 1500 free themes to choose from.

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The same goes for plugins and different add-ons. In short, you’ll have some limits which don’t allow you to really customize your blog.

You won’t be able to add AWeber, GetResponse or Mailchimp applications to gather e-mails and build lists for business purposes.

You won’t be able to add different plugins and themes that can make your blog look “cool” and unique.

Your blog will also be limited in size. If you go too heavy on posting images and videos, you might need to sign up for a premium plan which costs $99/year.

You own Your content on WordPress.org but not on WordPress.com

You don’t own the content nor the blog you’re posting on. WordPress owns it, thus they can shut it down whenever they want to.

That’s the main reason it’s free.

On a self-hosted WordPress, you’ll own your content and you can even sell it as a website/blog without any permissions.

You can place ads and even monetize your blog – you can’t do that on a free WordPress platform.

People take you more seriously when you’re on WordPress.org rather than WordPress.com

Don’t get me wrong. WordPress.com is perfect for classroom blogs or blogs that won’t be used more than 2 months.

But when you want to be a serious blogger (individually or for a company), you need to have your own domain name as well as a solid hosting plan.

We Hope we have been able to clear you curiosity at least a little?

we are getting back on Benefits you derive when u use wordpress.org.

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