Earn Free Bitcoin
Earn Free Bitcoin

Earn Free Bitcoin Using Bitsler Script – Btc-Minner-Script


Hi guys, i want to present you 10,000% working Bitsler Script and show you how it works and how to “Earn Free Bitcoin”, how to use it and how simple you can earn 1, 2, 3 and even more BTC per day.

Okay, i propose not to lose time and go straight to the point.

Let start, Here is How To Earn Free Bitcoin Bitcoin [BTC].

First Of all you need to register a bitsler account at bistler.com, afte you have registered a new account, you need to follow my steps carefully.



      1. Go to  bistler.com .
        i– Set chance 50%.
        ii – Set bid satose 0.00000010.
        iii – Right Click Any were on screen and Click inspect option.
        iv – Copy and past script codding in console option But delete the already existing data in Console.
        v – Please Press Enter Button

      2. Buy Bitsler Script 

    Buy with Bitcoin
  1. 3. Follow My Below Recommended Video Tutorial:

Please, the above Video Has Explained Everything In Details and also how to Earn Free Bitcoin, Just Watch, Follow The Steps And Earned..



  1. Set your account password
  2. Get your first Free BTC
  3. Set CHANCE to 50% and your AMOUNT to 0.0000001
  4. Open Downloaded Script And Copy It to clipboard
  5. Open browser [chrome] console and paste your script there
  6. Press Enter.

Note: if you want to stop the script, just refresh page..

I highly recommend you to use my recommendation, after watching my video.

Below is the link to download the script

Buy with Bitcoin


The script cost $25. Sent your money to below Wallet Address.


After Payment:

Send your payment [Proof], screenshot and your email to:


Note: we would confirm it first, after confirmation, we would forward the script via mail.., wao… you are good to go..

when I use this script for the first time I couldn’t believe my eyes


Moreover, there are many other ways to “Earn Free Bitcoin online”..


If you are new to the world of Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, one of the best ways to get acquainted with the Bitcoin technology is to own your first Bitcoin.

We have highlighted many ways you can earn free Bitcoin online. But first If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet then you cannot receive Bitcoin. To create a free Bitcoin wallet go to Luno.com or blockchian.info.

Make Bitcoins for Completing Micro-Task

BITCOINGET is a fun way to earn Bitcoin. You earn Bitcoin by completing a micro-task such as completing a job, taking a survey etc. Registration is not required to complete a task, all you need to get started is your Bitcoin address.

Get Bitcoin on Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are systems that reward users in Satoshi (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 bitcoin) either on a website or on an app. Users are rewarded by viewing ads, completing a captcha or simply staying on the website.

MOONBITCOIN is one of the most trusted and well know Bitcoin faucet. You can earn free Satoshi by staying on the site and much more when you perform certain tasks such as completing a survey. The Satoshi you earn can be claimed every 5 minutes.

Make Free Bitcoin Online from PTC

PTC (Paid-To-Click) as the names imply is a way of earning Bitcoin by clicking on ads. It is similar to Bitcoin faucet but it’s much faster. In BTCCLICKS.COM you are allowed to click about 10 to 12 ads per day.

Earn Free Bitcoin for Retweeting

If you have 100 twitter followers and above, then you can earn from your twitter followers on bitcoin.com. Birds.bitcoin.com pays you for retweeting a post. The more tweeter followers you’ve got, the more you will earn.

Get paid in Bitcoin to Read Books

Anyone that enjoys reading can get paid in Bitcoin for doing what they love; ‘reading’ Paidbooks.com is a website that pays you in Bitcoin to read classic books. Although the pay is quite small, it doesn’t hurt to get paid while at your hobby.

Make Bitcoin by Plying Faucet Game

FAUCETGAME.COM is a completely free to use bitcoin faucet website. Deposits are not allowed on this site. You can earn free Bitcoin on this website by playing online casino games. You will also get to enjoy making friends and socializing with other Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Earn Bitcoin by Writing for blogs and new sites
If you are a good writer and you enjoy writing, you could earn up to $35/ hour by writing articles for people who need them. The best way to do this is to look for blogs that are looking for writers. You can find this at xbtfreelancer. They have a large aggregate of Bitcoin jobs out there.

Once you have made a substantial amount of bitcoin, you can convert them to your local currency at Remitano.com

The first method above is a good way to earn your first bitcoins and to experience what bitcoins feels like but the number of bitcoins you can earn from them is not worth your time.

For example, clicking on a bitcoin faucet all day can only earn you about $2 in bitcoins. Although, since it is in bitcoins, it may be worth more in years to come considering that in 2010 bitcoin faucets were giving as much as 5btc per task back then 1btc was about $0.00008. Now, 1btc is about $10,700.

Earned And Share!!!

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