Many of us have joined Google Plus and are posting, sharing and commenting but, are not getting much action back. There is no use in doing any of those things if there is no one seeing it so; we need to find more people to talk with. We don’t just want anyone, we want to find people who like the same things we do.

So, how do we find people with our shared interest if we don’t want to sit and look through our friends list for hours? Well, we need to find Google Plus circles that others have shared and then we could possibly find an entire list of like-minded people just that fast.

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1. One way to find shared circle is to do a search in Google Plus just for that. In the G+ search bar type in “shared a circle with you” (leave it in the quotation marks). That will bring up some post of shared circles from all of the Google Plus users that posted their circles publicly. Yes, it will still be a heck of a search to scan and find group names that you may want to check out, but it does work.

2. The second way to find shared Google Plus circles is much easier thanks to someone that has made a public Google Doc. That list all (so far there are 971) the shared circles they found and they seem to keep adding more. What is great about this list is it is labeled with the circles name, number of members and the originator of the share. BONUS! Now, you can check out the doc at Shared Circles Google + Doc.

3. The third way to see a variety of Google Plus shared circled is to pop over to the Shared Circles on G+ Page. This is an actual G+ page that tries to pick up shared circles. If you circle the page and then notify them when sharing a circle it will increase the chance of your post getting picked up by them.They also have a “sister” page that is working to share Brand/Business Pages and you can see it at G+ Business Pages Directory.

Please take note that these pages are not officially connected to Google in any way.

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Go ahead over and try the search, check out the G+ pages and take a look at the doc list. You may just discover a whole group of people that have your interest and are also looking for more people to talk with.

Let us know if you are finding more cool people to interact with on Google Plus!


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