HilltopAds Review: A Complete Overview Of This CPC/CPM Ad Network

Hilltopads review,cpc,ctr rates
In this post we are going to be looking at Hilltop Ads review, Cpm / Cpc Ad network 
Every one would love to earn from his or her blog , I mean who wouldn’t want to?  
It is of every bloggers dream to wake up one fateful day and see to it that all the struggles and sleepless nights had paid off 
If you really wish to earn from your blog and eke a living from it,  then you should be opting for some of the best Ad networks 
Google Adsense,  Revenuehits and Media. net are some of the best Ad networks for bloggers  . 
These Ad networks are well known and provides various ads format and payment options for bloggers  
There are also other ad networks that are not well known but can be used as a substitute for some of the well known ad networks 
One of the lesser known ad network that works just fine like the popular ones is Hilltop Ads
We have done well to write  a review about them.  We hope you get to benefit from it 

 HilltopAds Review: A Complete Overview Of This CPC/CPM Ad Network

What is HilltopAds

Hilltops Ads is a global advertising company that promotes online sales, business growth and also makes it possible for publishers / bloggers to earn more money 
Hilltop Ads provides you with various ads format which ranges from direct links, pop up ads, video ads to banner ads.   They are one of the best ads network for bloggers 

What are some of the pros of Hilltop Ads

 Various Ads Format 

Provides you with different Ad networks which makes it possible for you to effectively monetize your blog 
Hilltops ads review cpc ctr rates

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High Cpc, CTr rates

They are one of those Ad networks with high CPC,  CTR,  CPM rates 

Fast site approval 

Fast approval of sites and is best for all niches related to Gaming,  Downloads,  Entertainment,  File hosting, Dating websites 

Payment Options 

Has a minimum payment threshold of $50 and charges no fee for all payment transactions. These payments are made weekly . Payoneer,  bank transfer, bitcoin ,webmoney are some of options to receive payment

Minimum Traffic needed 

They are one of the best Ad networks for those who are new to blogging.  If you are one of those who find it hard to earn from Google Adsense because of low traffic ,then you should try going for Hilltops Ads.  
Hilltops Ads accept almost every volume of website traffic so you can start making money right away.  This is one of the reasons why it remains one of the best Ad network for webmaster beginners 

Cons of Hilltops Ads

They have lesser Ad formats than other ad networks and are not well known by many top bloggers 
You can not also use Hilltop Ads with Adsense as  Adsense is not compatible with pop up ads

How do I start to make money from Hilltops Ads

To get started,   visit 
You would be required to provide your name, email address , password just like in the image below 
When you are done solving the recaptcha,

Hilltops ads full review cpc ctr rates

Tick ‘I agree with and accept Terms & Conditions’ and select Sign up to get started 
Once you are signed up, click on
Manage Site & Zones.
It can take up to 72hours or more to get your blog approved .
Once your website is approved,  you click on Zone,  and create an ad code. 
Then go back and copy and paste code on your blog. 
You See?  It’s as easy as A. B. C.  You do not need to pass through a lot of stress just like other Ad networks to get approved. 
You can get everything going just with 3 – 4 days
Have you been making use of the Hilltop Ads on your blog?  What are some of the experiences you have had so far. We would like to hear from you.  
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