MTN,  GLO,  9mobile,  Airtel are some of the best networks in Nigeria 
If you are not on the MTN network,  then you are either on the GLO,  9Mobile or Airtel network 
Did you know that you can now enjoy double data bonus on all networks? 
How to activate double data offer on all networks
This offer was first launched by MTN before every other networks started playing along. 
The double data bonus allows you to get times two of any data plan purchased. 
Let’s take for instance you want to purchase 1.5GB for 1000 on the MTN network,  with the double data bonus,  you would be able to get 3GB data for just 1000 as it doubles every data plan you purchase 
The double data bonus works on Android,  IPad, IPhone and other OS and does not require the services of a third party app before it would be able to work 
If you are one of those who spend a lot of time on the internet ,then this article is for you 
At first this was only available to only some selected Sims but now it can be used on all MTN mobile lines
To activate the double data bundle offer,  send Double,  Promo,  Free to 131
You would be sent a message like the one in the image below 
How to activate MTN100% double data offer
You can now dial * 131 # to purchase any data plan of your choice 
To check your data balance,  Dial * 131 * 4 #

How to activate Airtel 100% double data offer

To activate the Airtel double data offer,  dial * 144 # and select any option of your choice 
How to activate Airtel 100% double data offer
Immediately you purchase a data plan,  it gets doubled 
To check data balance,  Dial * 140 #

How to activate Glo 100% double data offer 

The Glo double data offer is eligible to all Glo sim cards. 
To opt for the Glo double data offer,  dial * 777 # and choose from any of the options provided
Once your data finishes and is auto renewed,  it gets doubled automatically 
To check your data balance,  dial * 127 * 0#

How to activate 9mobile 100% double data offer 

The 9mobile double data plan doesn’t work based on eligibility but on tarriff plans 
To enjoy the 9mobile double data offer,  migrate to Morecliq tarrif plan by dialing * 244 *1# 
After a successful migration, you can now go ahead to activate the double data offer by dialing * 545 #
Every data you purchase on your 9mobile line gets doubled 
To check data balance,  dial * 228 #
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