How do I know what content to give out for free or for sale?

Would it be quite okay to give out everything for free? 
Certainly yes it is but then it isn’t 
No one would ever appreciate or show kind gestures to you whenever you have everything given out to them on a platter of gold
At the end of this post i am sure you would be able to know what content to give out for free and those to sell

Why Do I Have To Give Out Contents For Free

How much content should I give out for free
Most bloggers are faced with the problem of finding the right audience for their blog
If there is any reason why you had those contents put up in place is because you wish to get it across to a lot of people 
How then will people have access to such contents if it’s not given out for free. Free Giveaways can attract more targeted audience and can increase your blog followers .
The more people are given access to a content the more they are to share with their friends. Your blog readers may be interested in telling people about your contents but how do they do so if they cannot access your blog contents . Free Contents peers you up with your blog readers and also exposes you to a brand new blog audience 
Free Contents gives your blog readers an idea of what you stand for. If there is any way anyone would ever get to know about your writing skills it is through your posts 
If your contents are not viral on the internet how then are you going to attract companies for paid offers and sponsored posts 
It is going to be hard for someone to spend his or her money purchasing your services when they do not know what you have to offer . Free Contents serves as ‘ taste and see ‘ and gives more reasons why a user would ever want to pay for it
But then too much of everything is bad.  If you are giving out everything for free what then are people going to be opt for 
Here’s When You Get To Give Out Contents For A Fee
There comes a time where you be forced to give out things for free but then there are some situations where you will be coerced to ask people to pay for it. 
Why Will Anyone Ever Want To Pay For My Services 
If what you offer is unique and cannot be found else where ( not even on Google),  people will be forced to go for it
You can also give out freebies and when it seems like your blog followers are engrossed in what you are offering, you can withhold the offer and ask them for a little fee if they wish to continue.  Trust me if your contents is that good they’ve have no choice than to pay for it 


What Should You Never Give Out For Free 
No matter the circumstances you find yourself in there are some contents you don’t just have to give out for free
Even if you are giving out everything for free there has to be limitations 
Here’s what your free contents should look like 
Free contents should not be complete and mustn’t provide answers to all customers queries.  If he or she wishes to know everything then they should go for the paid package 
Free contents should not be that informative or you may just end up overwhelming your customers rather than adding value to their lives.
You can equally give out step by step procedures as to how something is done but you shouldn’t be doing such services for free.  If he or she doesn’t understand or needs someone to help them out then they’ll just have to pay for it
A lot of people worry about what to sell and what to give out for free but with this post am sure you must have gotten an idea of what to sell and what to give out for free. 
Give out a little of what you know and hold back some meaningful contents. If they are interested to know more, they’ll ask for it 

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