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Sarch For Old Blogger Post On Blogger Blog

the search button blogger blog daschboard, enables you to Find, Sarch For Old Blogger Post On Blogger Blog.

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Blog programming, generally speaking, is very adjustable. As the proprietor of the blog, you can choose various things about the way your blog looks and works, and you can control those components from the control board — called the Dashboard in Blogger — of your blog programming.

Most blog programming bundles work comparably, and on the off chance that you know how Blogger functions, you can benefit as much as possible from some other programming.

Blogger isolates its settings into a few ranges: Basic, Posts and Comments, Mobile and Email, Language and Formatting, Search Preferences, and Other.

You get to all the Blogger settings by means of the Blogger Dashboard. (In other blog programming bundles, this zone is known as the control board, the administrator board, et cetera.)

To achieve the Dashboard, simply sign into the Blogger site. In case you’re as of now signed in, search for a connection to the Dashboard in the upper-left corner of any page and snap it. This connection is the Blogger symbol.

The Dashboard demonstrates every one of the online journals that you’ve begun with Blogger. For each blog, you can rapidly begin another post, see your blog, or hop into different territories. A solitary snap takes you into the blog settings, or to the format or design that you’re utilizing.

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 Below Is How To Find, Sarch For Your Old Blogger Post On Blogger Blog

– Sign in to Blogger.
– Click the blog to find post.
– In the right menu, You would see a search box.
– Type in the post title or “keyword” you want to search and click Search.
Immediately, you click on search, you would see list of post that contains the keyword you type in the search box, kindly go through it and edit or delet the post.
That is all

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Good luck finding what you need. If you have some other ideas, please leave a comment below.



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