If you have a YouTube channel for your blog, then you’d want  know how to get more YouTube traffic 
This article covers some of the best ways to drive huge traffic from YouTube 
How to increase YouTube views and website traffic

YouTube is a place of fun, there are millions of people who visit YouTube every single day.    For bloggers this can be a great source of organic traffic to their blog 
There is every need for you to have an official YouTube channel for your blog.   It is more like a video site for your blog . Videos go well with written contents,  if you blog on a tutorial niche,  you can create a video to guide your readers through, upload it on your YouTube channel and embed it in your Blog posts .  
With this you should be able to drive a lot of traffic to your blog 
Here are some of the best quick ways to increase YouTube traffic 
 Know the right time to post 
You may post a video on your YouTube channel and end up not getting more views not because your video sucks 
Because you chose the wrong time to post 
If you wish to increase YouTube traffic then you should know what time is best to upload a video so as to reach a lot of people 
Applications like TubeBuddy is one of those YouTube seo tools
It let’s 
You know what time is best for you to upload videos and 
What tags you should be adding to your video to get high ranking 
 Share videos on social networking sites  

Social networking sites can be a legit source of YouTube video traffic 
An easy way to do this is to create a video, upload it to your YouTube channel, embed it in your blog posts, share on networking sites and ask others to share with their friends .
  Video Quality 
Creating a video is not good enough, you also need to make it look great.   There are a lot of video editing tools out there that can give your video a good look.  
The audio is the most important part of a video.  Always ensure your audio quality is cool or you can hire a professional to do that for you 
  Keep your video short and informative 
If there is anyway I would like to watch videos and stick to your YouTube channel,  then it is because I find your videos informative and useful.  
There is no way I would want to spend more time on your YouTube videos if it offers nothing valuable 
 Embed Logo in your Videos 
If you really wish to get more traffic to your blog from YouTube, then it would be wise for you to add a logo or site url either at the beginning or end of the video.   This way you get a lot of traffic coming into your blog 
  Be unique 
There are thousands of videos on YouTube that offers just the same with what you have to give. 
Now ask your self this question 
Why would anyone want to watch my videos when they are thousands of videos out there? 
Because you are unique.   To get a lot of YouTube traffic, you have to be unique and do that which no one has ever done before 
 Release more videos 
Just like how it is necessary for you to always blog on a daily note,  so is it important for you to upload as many videos as possible on your YouTube channel.  You cannot post one video a week and still expect people to come check your YouTube channel every day
Stick to your target audience 
How do you expect someone to visit your video channel ever again when all you do is move away from your specific target. 
If you own a YouTube channel that creates tutorial  videos,  then stick to it so you do not easily loose your visitors 

Watch And Learn 
If you are not getting enough traffic for your YouTube channel, that is because you are doing it wrongly.   Watch videos that are related to your business so you have an idea of how things are done
Grow your email list 

How do I let my customers know when ever a video is uploaded on my YouTube video channel? 
By making use of an email list  . 
Ask your viewers to subscribe to your  video  channel so they know when a new video is posted 
Did I miss anything?  We would like to hear from you 
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