Chivalry Ceo @ Howtosguide
Chivalry Ceo @ Howtosguide

Success has a very logical definition, therefore, to Pursue Your Passion.. You can have the ideal job, make a decent salary, have that sports car you always wanted, and still not really be successful.

To truly be happy, you need to be doing things that fill you up. Finding your passion in the world can be the difference between struggling to get out of bed in the morning and being excited to get the day started.

Sometimes you need to stop and ask if you’re really chasing the life you want or chasing something someone else wants of you. This is a lesson that was hard learned by my latest guest, Rich Roll.

Roll has been on my show twice before, and it was a pleasure having him back. He battled an alcohol addiction that nearly ruined his life from the age of 17 to 31, when he finally went to a treatment center. Most people only spend 28 days there — he ended up spending 100.

When he got out, he changed his life. He pursued a career most people would consider ideal and made a great living. The problem was, it wasn’t the life he wanted and it took a toll on him physically.

After having a brush with death in his late 30s, he began living his life for him. Since then, he’s become a successful athlete, motivational speaker, podcast host and all around incredible human being.

You can hear all about his incredible journey and his plans for the future, on Episode 619.


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