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Hi there!… were you searching for“How to sell Payoneer dollars at the profitable rate in Naira”?. In the event that you utilize Payoneer, at that point you likely recognize what I’m going to tirade about Nigerian ATM machines and Payoneer dollars being pulled back for Naira.

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About a year back, when I began winning enormous dollars to my Payoneer account, I considered myself to be the new mogul around the local area considering the measure of Payoneer dollars I rake in consistently. Be that as it may, tragically on getting to the bank ATM machines around me to pull back, I was profoundly baffled with what the machines administered for the sake of Payoneer dollars to Naira rate.

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The measure of dollars in my Payoneer account, utilizing the rate of dollars to Naira in the parallel market at the time plainly expressed that I was a tycoon. Be that as it may, the ATM rates said something else. Since, the measure of cash they considered per dollar and per withdrawal unmistakably returns me to being a thousandnaire.

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Envision getting paid with N267/$ for your well deserved Payoneer dollars when the dollar is right now N485/$ at the parallel market? That is a whooping N218 being stolen by the banks from each bit of dollars you may have earned. I don’t point the finger at individuals for picking MMM over them.

For example, on the off chance that you earned $1,000 Payoneer dollars, that is 1000 x 218 = N218,000 being stolen from you. As though that is insufficient, they charge you $3.2 per ATM withdrawal and an extra $1 for checking your Payoneer account adjust with the ATM machine after withdrawal.

You may have encountered the majority of this out of obliviousness, however its opportunity you halted and offer your Payoneer dollars at the productive rate in Naira.

We purchase/trade your Payoneer dollars for you at the best rates ever and afterward utilize it to help the individuals who may require it for online exchanges. So you can pitch to us and grin to the bank.

I will Buy Your Payoneer Fund at a Very Good Rate

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payoneer funds

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==>8. In the event that the “Pay/Make A Payment” highlights has been expelled from your Payoneer account, making it difficult to exchange stores, yet depend on ATM for withdrawals at an unbalanced rate. We can in any case help you. Simply hit us.

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