How would you feel when every time you use your hard earned money to make a recharge on your 9mobile network, your airtime gets zapped and wiped out completely all in the name of Auto renewal? 

You feel bad right?  Yeah I can attest to that,  it once happened to me,  I felt like throwing up.

It was really annoying,  I did all I could,  called the customer care service only for them to tell me they would look into the matter but still the issue persisted.

So then I decided to go into a research and I found out a way to deactivate the auto renewal

You do not need to worry about 9mobile getting to temper with your airtime when next you recharge. Everything you’ll  be needing to know would be discussed on this article

In this post we are going to be looking at how to stop auto renewal in 9mobile

How To Stop Auto Renewal On 9mobile

But before we go into that,  let’s have a look at some of the New Latest List Of 9mobile Data Plans Subscription Codes & Prices

Daily Plan

10mb for 50naira – dial * 229 *3 * 8# or send MI3 to 229. Valid for 24hours

40mb for 100naira – Dial * 229 * 3 * 1# or send MI1 to 229. Valid for 24hours

Weekly Data Plan 

150mb for 200naira – Dial * 229 * 2 * 10# or send LCD to 229. Valid for 7days

Monthly Data Plan

500mb for 500naira – Dial *.229 * 2 * 12# or send LCD2 to 229. Valid for 30 days

1GB for 1000 – Dial * 229 * 2 * 7# . Valid for 30 days

1.5GB for 1200 – Dial * 229 * 2 * 25#. Valid for 30 days

2.5GB for 2000 naira – Dial * 229 * 2 * 8#. Valid for 30days

4GB for 3000naira – Dial * 229 * 2 * 35#.Valid for 30days 

5.5GB for 4000naira – Dial *.229 * 2 * 9#

Night and Weekend Plan

1GB for 500naira . This is a weekend plan and can only be used from Friday 11: 59pm to Sunday 11:5pm. To opt for this offer,  Dial  *.229 * 5 * 2#

1GB for 200naira : Works between the hours of 12am – 5 am.  To opt in for this offer,  Dial *229 * 3*11#

2GB for 1000naira Evening and night plan.  Works between the hours of 7pm – 7am.  To opt in for this offer, dial * 229 * 3 * 12#

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These are some of the best data bundle offers that you can enjoy on the 9mobile network.  Works perfectly on all PCs,  IPhones,  IPad and Android device

How To Stop Data Auto Renewal On 9mobile

To stop auto renewal,  dial * 229 * 0# or send STOP to 229.

You should be seeing a message saying your data auto renewal  has been successfully deactivated

Happy surfing !


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