After Reading this post, You will remember those days, videos on Facebook only play when you tap on them? Actually I really think that was really much better than this auto-playing we are now seeing for videos on Facebook.

For one thing when videos play in auto mode on Facebook, it drains your data even some of these videos start playing in public when they are supposed to be private videos. Thus if you want to return your Facebook to that age when you videos don’t auto-play on Facebook, simply follow these steps as indicated in this guide.

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We will start by moving to the setting menu. Well basically we are using an iOS platform to explain how to stop auto-playing video on Facebook’s mobile apps. Well the procedures using iOS are very much the same as that on Android.

Okay so take the option of “Settings” when the menu comes on, take “Account Settings” in the resulting menu that pops up

From the the Account Settings menu,take the “Videos and Photos” option.

After this select “Autoplay” within the “Videos and Photos” menu

At this juncture, you have the option of toggling the settings between “never” always playing irrespective of the network, and just auto-playing on Wi-Fi. Good now take “Never Autoplay Videos”.

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That is simply all, those Facebook videos will no longer annoy you by playing on your phone without your permission.

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