Today we are going to be looking at how to the  best ways to get web internet traffic from a specific country 

This article covers a step by step guide as to how to make a country a specific target for your blog audience 

How To Target  Country Specific Website Traffic For Your Blog

How to target country specific website traffic
Before you go ahead making a country your blog traffic target, here are some of the things you are to take into consideration 


This is one factor that determines the country you are to make your blog target. 
Always look out for regions that has vast interests in what your blog is all about. This way,  it would be easy to convince them to always visit your Blog from time to time. 
If you blog on a technology or health niche, I ‘ll suggest you target countries like USA,  India,  Nigeria,  Pakistan e. t. c as these countries have and share the same perspective with your blog niche. 
 You  cannot go ahead making a country that likes football and other sport activities your blog target when you blog on a niche that is totally different from what they have interest in. 
Always find out which country shares the same idea, interest with your blog niche and make them your specific country target audience 

CPC rates

There are some countries that have low Adsense CPc and CTr rates while some are known to be one of the  highest Adsense paying countries with high CPc and Ctr rates.  Such countries include the USA and UK.  If you really wish on making money from blogging,  then I advise you make such countries your blog target audience 

Level of civilization and literacy

How well civilised and educated a country is, is one factor you need to take into consideration when wanting to make it your blog target audience. 
How would you feel when you post articles relating to them and they end up not clicking or paying a visit to your blog due to the fact that they are suffering from poor internet connection Or possibly over click on your ads displaying on your website which may lead to your account been disapproved or banned by Google? 
 You feel bad right? 
I guess so. 
Go for regions with high level of literacy and not just any country 
Having said much, let’s now look at the various ways of driving specific country traffic to your blog 

How To Drive Country Specific Website Traffic To Your Blog 

Domain name

If you wish to target a specific country, then I advise you go for a country specific domain. 
If you plan on making India your blog target ,you should go for a .in or .co extension. 
That is to say your blog domain should be look like 
‘’ or ‘’
Also the domain .NG and. are the best options for those who wish to make Nigeria as their blog target. 
Domain extensions like. com and. org rank high on Search engines but then doesn’t have a specific target.  

Geo Targeting 

Google webmaster tool allows you set which country you wish to make your blog target and helps you drive traffic from such countries to your blog 

Google Trends 

This is one tool that you should be making use of if you wish to target a specific country audience for your website. 
Every country is known for a particular keyword.  If you blog about iPhones and Mobile gadgets,  then I suggest you make  countries like USA and UK your blog target. 
Visit the Google trends page online, click on any country that you wish to make your blog target ( like let’s say India)  , find out what keywords or topics are trending,  write relevant articles about them and be sure to use proper keywords in your Blog post. 
This way you would be able to get more traffic from the specific country of your choice 

Submit to web directories 

There are a lot of web directories and business places online for you to register and submit details of your blog or business to. 
Also do well to include your blog details on all social media accounts so as to help you get more local citations

Content Level Strategy 

The kind of content you post on your blog would determine the kind of visitors you’ get on your blog. 
If you wish to make a country your blog target,  try as much as possible to write your articles in language that are easily understood by your target audience or probably get hire authors and writers to do that for you 

Web hosting 

If you wish to make a country your specific target audience,  it would only be appropriate for you to host your blog on the country’s host server. 
If your blog target is Nigeria, you would want to host your blog on Nigerian based servers like Namecheap and Whogohost.
This would make your blog be able to rank high on SERPs
Are there any methods you know of that is not included in this post and you would like to point out? 
Please let us know.  Drop a comment below and share with your friends 

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