Just buy the Galaxy S9 And you’re stuck?

Flagships aren’t hard to find. Apple and Google released their high-end phones late last year, and ever since they’ve been appearing in countless advertisements on every medium. The Galaxy S9, though, is better than both the iPhone X and the Pixel 2 for most people. It’s not for me, and it might not be for you. But the vast majority of consumers can’t ask for anything more than what Samsung’s finest provides.

The Galaxy S9 is stunning. It’s also blazing-fast. Then there’s the camera that masters shots under different lighting conditions. Samsung played its cards very well this year. While going head-to-head with Apple and Google, the company placed a flagship on the market that’s actually the more affordable choice.

If I’m asked to recommend a one-size-fits-all solution today, I’d direct you to the Galaxy S9.

Struggling to pick what phone to buy? Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best phone for everyone.

Head-turning design, unbeatable display

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 stands out because of its Infinity Display, stretching to the top and bottom with ultra-thin bezels while also spilling over onto the sides.

The display is way ahead of the competition. With the Galaxy S9, you’re getting a Super AMOLED panel that produces colorful and vivid images. Samsung makes the iPhone X’s display, but there’s nothing better than going straight to the source. The Pixel 2, on the other hand, has an utterly average display regardless of model.

Around the back, glass is used again. Samsung secures the front and back pieces between an aluminum frame. The company’s been using glass in recent years because it looks and feels premium. Sure, aluminum is more durable and could be used everywhere. Glass is merely more luxurious. And everyone wants to have luxury in their lives.

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Another thing you won’t hear anyone complain about is the size of the Galaxy S9, which is also credited to the Infinity Display. Samsung’s flagship has such a high screen-to-body ratio that, while having plenty of screen real estate, the overall footprint is small.

It’s affordable (seriously).

Much to our surprise, Samsung came back down to reality. The Galaxy S9 starts at $720, which isn’t far off from what we’re familiar with. It’s also cheaper than the rivals.

Yes, the iPhone 8 is less expensive than the Galaxy S9. It’s also not Apple’s top product. The iPhone X is, and even the Galaxy S9+ is cheaper than the most advanced iPhone ever made. Google’s Pixel 2 starts at $649, but its processor is older than the Snapdragon 845 used by Samsung. The Galaxy S9 is newer yet easier on the bank account.

Be sure to choose wisely where you get the Galaxy S9.

The lower full retail price means lower monthly payments, too. Going through Samsung directly has the same option for a payment plan available, so please don’t feel forced into buying from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Samsung’s unlocked model works across all networks.

The camera is versatile

You want a reliable camera on your phone. The Galaxy S9 doesn’t disappoint here. Samsung includes a 12MP lens, but the Galaxy S9+ brings in a second 12MP lens for a dual-camera setup. Both models execute masterful shots.

Basically, wherever you are, the Galaxy S9 is going to capture the moment and preserve the awesomeness.

The average person isn’t going to pick up on the differences between photos taken by the Galaxy S9, iPhone X, and Pixel 2. Still, the Galaxy S9 is leading in this area. DxOMark, a media outlet focused exclusively on photography, gave the Galaxy S9+ the highest-ever combined photo and video rating for a mobile device.

Accessories galore

There won’t be a shortage of accessories for your Galaxy S9. Cases, screen protectors, wireless chargers, and more are made specifically for Samsung’s 2018 flagship. That’s because this phone is one of the hottest of the year.

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Aside from leaning on third-party manufacturers for support, Samsung releases its own accessories. The first-party accessories for the Galaxy S9 include a bunch of cases, the DeX Pad, and a wireless charging stand.

Really, this is a huge advantage. Brands on Amazon don’t give as much attention to anything as much as Samsung’s Galaxy S series and Apple’s iPhone. With the Galaxy S9, you will have a massive selection of accessories to choose from.

You’re in good hands

Samsung offers a support, protection, and warranty program. It’s called Samsung Premium Care. You pay $12 per month to receive benefits like in-person support, premium protection, and an extended warranty. That means from the day you open the Galaxy S9’s box, you’re taken care.

Moving data over from an old phone can be tough, but Samsung will actually host an in-person meeting to walk you through the setup. The assistance for customers goes as far as in-home swapping. Samsung will hand-deliver a replacement up to three times per year when and where you’d like.

Samsung Premium Care does, of course, cover accidental damage. As long as you’re enrolled in the program, you can pay a deductible as low as $100 to repair or replace your Galaxy S9 with original parts.

Also, software updates aren’t delayed nearly as bad as before. Samsung’s gotten faster to issue security patches and new features. If there’s something in a software update that you don’t understand, get in touch with the company through Samsung Premium Care. There’s always someone ready to answer questions and help out with concerns.

That piece of mind was once limited to Apple+. Now you can pick up the Galaxy S9 and know, if something really bad happens to your phone, you aren’t going to be left with a broken phone and an expensive bill. Samsung will handle the situation quickly and effectively.


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