Make Money On TopBuzz
Make Money On TopBuzz

Want to Make Money On TopBuzz, Earn Money On Topbuzz? have you wait for a minute and ask.., What Is TopBuzz? TopBuzz is a free, open platform for people to read, create and share content.

How To Make Money On TopBuzz – Earn Money Online On TopBuzz 

TopBuzz helps creators distribute content to highly targeted audiences and helps all users to find the content that will interest them most.


How To Make Money On TopBuzz

  1. TopBuzz PC:
    Create your TopBuzz account by using your email or social media account. kindly “Click Here” to register your account.

Post articles, videos, and gifs; manage and review key stats of your content. Revenue will be generated based on the performance of published content, and relevant statistics are able for review under “Earnings“.


2. TopBuzz App:
Content published by creators are distributed to TopBuzz and BuzzVideo app users through through their AI-driven personalization algorithm;

How To Make Money On TopBuzz – Earn Money Online On TopBuzz 

TopBuzz users may view a wide variety of content published by TopBuzz creators, follow and subscribe to specific channels or creators, and leave comments.

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To get the App:
Android users, please visit Google Play Store and search TopBuzz or BuzzVideo.
IOS users please visit App Store and search TopBuzz or BuzzVideo.

If you are a TopBuzz creator, publishing quality original content, you will earn revenue from the platform. Click Here to sign Up.


About TopBuzz Algorithm:

How does content distribution works on TopBuzz? To distribute premium content to the most relevant audience, TopBuzz distributes content in batches.

Your content will be shown to the audience who are most likely to be interested in your posts. they use proprietary data based on consumption patterns, demographics, engagement rates and other attributes to personalize each and every users TopBuzz content experience.

The response of these users plays a pivotal role in the further recommendation, including their clicks, likes, comments, sharing, time spent on page, etc.

How To Make Money On TopBuzz – Earn Money Online On TopBuzz 

Aside from simply publishing content quality, our best creators have created content that appeals to our users and have leveraged key insights from comments, likes/dislikes, and view counts. Who will your audience be?


Account Policy:
Username is a key component to branding your account and allowing users to find you and understand your content offering.

they encourage their users to have usernames between 5 and 20 characters.
Do not include multilingual characters, or languages other than the language you have registered with.

– Do not include symbols, emojis, or punctuations.
– Do not use offensive language, hate speech or curse words.
– Do not fake or impersonate other people, institutions, or corporations as your username.

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If you find an unauthorized use of your brand or companies name, you may file a complaint via

How To Make Money On TopBuzz – Earn Money Online On TopBuzz 

Avatar Policy:

Your personal avatar represents your personal brand. Your avatar should use your own unique pictures or images. they recommend that all pictures be clear and easy to view.

Please do not use a mosaic or collage. Please do not use any imagery that you do not own or control the copyright. Unauthorized use of copyright imagery will result in account closure. Your avatar should not contain advertisements, phone numbers, or other private information.

How To Make Money On TopBuzz – Earn Money Online On TopBuzz 

Any form of QR codes are prohibited. Your avatar should be clean, no horror, violence, pornography, or other explicit content.

Account Introduction Policy
They encourage all users to utilize the account introduction feature provided by TopBuzz to offer your readers a brief introduction about yourself. Keep it short, between 10 and 50 words. Do not include explicit language or advertisement. Please use proper language, no gibberish.


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