My research has shown that there are other cool ways to make money on Amazon without being an affiliate marketer or participating in per per action offers. This posts would basically describe some major ways to earn money on Amazon.

Therefore, you get to make money on Amazon only when people make purchases on Amazon via your link.

1. Become An Amazon Affiliate.
Join the affiliate program of Amazon and post your affiliate link on your website, facebook, twitter and other social media platform directing your clients or visitors to Amazon. If they make any purchase through your link, you are paid a commission.

Depending on the product, you will earn 4%-10% commission if the click result to a sale. Make a review on a good product from Amazon, place your affiliate link in the post and direct your satisfied customers to Amazon.

2. Be A Seller On Amazon.
Sell handmade goods on Amazon Handmade. This service allows you to sell your handmade goods to Amazon audience. For a 12% referral, you can sell your handmade products like handmade jewelry, beddings, furniture, decor etc.

3. Create An Ebook To Sell On Amazon.
You can write an ebook and publish it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish your ebook for a 70% royalty on your sales.

4. Sell your own contents You can sell your own content like DVDS, books, MP3s and CDs on CreateSpace, a company owned by Amazon. Royalties range from 40%-60%. of the retail price.

5. Make Money Doing Menial Jobs
On Mechanical Turk. Find small tasks and do them on Amazon mechanical Turk. The pay might be small but it can gather up to something within a short period of time.

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6. Make discounts on Amazon reviews.
When you buy a product on Amazon and make a genuine and honest review of the product you get paid by Amazon. To get this done, register on snagshout and post the reviews.

In Conclusion, I hope this helps to earn you some good money.



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