Today we are going to be looking at some of the best marketing strategies that are likely to generate responses. If you run or own a business online then am sure you will be looking for some of the best social marketing strategies to generate leads.  

What Are Leads 

Leads can be said to be those customers who are peculiar with your company and has shown interest in your building or that which you have to offer. If you are not getting potential customers who are ready to patronize your business products then there’s no way you will be making much profit for your business 
Why Is It That Important To Generate Leads From Social Media 
Best social media strategies to generate leads
One or two times you may be asking yourself these questions 
  • Why is it that important to drive traffic from social media? 
  • Why is social media traffic the key high conversation rates 
Social media is growing in number as a matter of fact people actually spend more time on social media networks than they do on other internet communities 
Below are some of the reasons why it is important to drive traffic from social media 

4 Reasons Why I Think Social Media Traffic Is Best For Your Business 

Social Media Offers Multiple Traffic Source 
Google is and still remains one of the best source of traffic for blog owners. The process of getting organic traffic from Google is termed SEO
What is SEO
Seo Is an acronym of Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of getting traffic from search engines. Seo remains a complex topic this is why so many still find it hard to get it right when it comes to optimizing their sites for Seo.
This is one the main reasons why I advise bloggers not only to focus on search engines for traffic . Many spend little or no time on Social media.  Time spent on Google can be used to generate responsive feedbacks from social media networks .
Social media offers a diversified source of traffic for bloggers. Little or not effort is needed to generate leads on social media 
More Growing Audience 
Social media networks are  growing in numbers as user are likely to spend more time on facebook and other social media networks.  The more people are getting on these social media networks, the more you are likely to be exposed to a  new audience for your business brand 
Maintains User Relationship 
The best social marketing strategies that works are those that are likely to keep you in steady contact with your customers .
When you have people following your business on facebook , you can get any information across to them whenever or however you want.  
Social marketing is Cost-free
Nothing good goes for free.  When it comes to promoting your business via some online marketing services like Google Ads, it is not free – you have to pay for it.  But with social media networks little or no capital with much efforts can get the job done

How Can I Generate Leads From Social Media 

Best Marketing Strategies To Generate More Social Media Leads
Give out links to Gated Contents 
When you talk about Gated contents, these are contents that are hidden from the eyes of many or is something valuable 

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You can promote a link to a gated content on social media and redirect them to a page where they are to provide their personal details before they can have access to it.  This way you can get to drive a lot of people to your blog, if they are interested in your business products they find a way to hook up with you, if they don’t they’ll just find their way out 

Run Online Contests
Everyone love freebies.  One way of generating more social media leads is to run an online contest.  Make sure to offer something that your customers would find valuable or no one will ever want to be a part of your contest. 
What Services Can I Offer 
You can offer a premium package or an extended trial of your blog products. If you sell a product you can offer special discounts to winners of the online contest. If you are sure of what your products have to offer and are valuable to your customers, there is a high chance they always come back for more 
Host a Seminar Or Hangouts 
There are two approaches to generate leads from social traffic through this
First method is to host a meeting or webinar and ask people to sign up with their personal info before they can be a part of it
Second method is to make such seminars open to all those who are interested. In your videos, include direct links and offers to your blog products .When people get to watch your videos and seminars they are likely to patronize your products 
Make use of these two approaches and tell me that which worked for you 
Know Your Targeted Audience 
Social media marketing strategies is all about you knowing what your customers are crazy about and how to get it across to them . By using some social media tools you know who and what people are saying about your business brand. Here you will be able to know what your blog readers are interested about and how to reach out to them 

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