If you are looking forward to creating a custom email address for your website then you are in the right place 

Today I be sharing with you guys a step-by-step tutorial as to how to create a custom email address for your blog 
Create custom email address for your website

What Does A Custom Email Address Look Like

A custom email address looks way different and more professional than the normal email address we all know 
A custom email address consists of two main parts
  • Domain Name 
  • Mailbox Name
Domain Name 
A domain name is more of your website name . If anyone wishes to send an email to your website, it is through the domain name.  All incoming emails arrive at the domain name
Mailbox Name
A normal email address looks like the one below 
The Mailbox name is the part just before the domain name
That is to say in the email address above 
OkekeJerry is the Mailbox name why  the part after the @ sign is the domain name
That is to say a custom domain should look like something of this nature 

Okekejerry@ Your Domain name.com i.e Okekejerry@howtosguide.com

What are Some Of The Advantages Of Having A Custom Email Address 

Easy To  Remember 
A custom email address makes it easy for your blog readers to contact you . As long as they know your domain name it would be much easier for them to remember your email address 
Makes you look different 
Everyone has an email address or can get one for his or her website but not everyone has a custom email address. A custom domain boosts your website credibility and makes it have a professional look . People would be ready to do business with your business if it has a custom email address 
It Belongs To You And Nobody Else 
When you create a custom email address for your website it remains yours for ever and no one can take it away from you 
Control Over Spam Messages 
Unlike other email address services provider, a custom email address gives you the option to control spammy contents and block all email addresses you might consider fraudulent 

Where Can I Get A  Custom Email Address For My Blog 

There are a lot of custom email platform options on the internet but today we will only be throwing much emphasis on just one Custom Email Host Platform I find useful and reliable – G Suite
  • ZohoMail
  • FastMail
  • ProtonMail
  • FlaskMail
  • GreatMail
  • ServerMx
  • RackSpace Email
  • G Suite 
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How To Create A Custom Email Address With G Suite

G suite is one of Google’s very own and is easy to get started 
The G Suite Email Host Platform comes with a 14 days free trial of which you would be charged $5 per month afterwards
  • Easy To Use 
  • Requires little or no coding knowledge to get started 
  • Gives you 30GB of memory space and is one of the most efficient email host platforms 
Visit G Suite To get sign up now for a 14 days free trial 


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