Today we are going to be looking at some of the best practices to effectively reduce blogger loading time 

Blog loading time is amongst the top Google 200 ranking factors so it is necessary that you work on your blog loading time 
If you have been looking for the best ways to reduce your blog load speed then you are in the right place 
This article covers some of the effective tips to reducing your blog loading time 

9 Effective Ways To Reduce Blog Page Load Time

How to reduce blogger Blog loading time
Use A Self Hosted Platform 
What is a self hosted blog ?
A self hosted blog is one that has it files stored up in its own servers,you can also pay a third party to host your blog.  It is quite expensive but then it has its advantages 
Pros of Self hosted Blog 
  • You have full control over your blog and can add or remove any widget as it pleases you to
  • You have access to your backup files and can easily install or add a custom theme
Optimize Your Images 
Images make your blog posts look appealing and eye catchy.  It is of no doubt that images add beauty to your blog contents.  A bigger image takes longer time to load and so it is necessary for you to optimize and reduce your image to the minimum size by using of the best image compressor tools online before adding them to your blog posts 
Reduce the number of posts showing on your homepage 
The higher the number of posts you have on your blog homepage, the more time it takes to load 
Go to Settings on your blogger dashboard and reduce the number of posts showing on your homepage.  Six to Seven posts on your homepage would do
Reduce the number of Ads on your blog 
Yes it is only wise for one to create a blog and earn from it but that doesn’t mean you should over do it.  Reduce the number of advertisements showing on your blog as it affects your blog loading speed 

Remove Unwanted Widgets 
Blogger widgets are as important as plugins and should be included in every single page of your blog but should be done with care. The use of too many widgets on your blog can affect your blog loading time 
Use A Content Delivery Network 
A content delivery network is a set of web servers that are scattered all over the world.  If your blog is hosted on a Nigerian host web server and someone from India is trying to access your blog it is obvious that your blog is going to take longer time to load for the person trying to access your site from another country.  This is why you should be making use of a CDN network. A Content delivery network delivers your blog contents with ease to other nations irrespective of the distance 
And so we have given out a detailed guide as to how to reduce your blog loading speed 
Do let us know of what method helped you the most 

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