We all know that in order for our website/blog contents to be visible on search engines, the bot of the search engine should be able to visit our webpage, in this article i’ll be discussing on google bots and show you how to know if google bots visited your webpage recently.

Many people often think that google bots does not visit their websites or blogs, due to the fact that they do not see themselves in search results after making a search query, well that may be because they are in a high competitive keyword niche. But that does not mean that google did not index their webpage.

So if you want to know whether google keeps visiting your website or blog, follow the steps below:

First Go to http://google.com

After that input cache:example.com in the search area and click on search, replace example.com with your website or blog domain. Make sure none of the letters are in cap lock(capital letter) and all of them are written in one word(no spaces between).

After the search a screenshot of how your website or blog looked like the last time it was visited with the date, year, time in minute and seconds will be shown to you.


And that is all, you will now know if google always index your webpage.

Was this helpful, do you have any question, or do you know of another way to find out if google have index your webpage? Drop them in the comment box below, and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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