Whatsapp to allow it users revoke and cancel already sent messages

Whatsapp to introduce the delete for everyone feature
According to WAbetainfo Whatsapp is set to include a new feature that let’s users delete already sent files, medias
Please note that WAbetainfo is in no way affiliated with Whatsapp but is just a Twitter account that is focused on Whatsapp Beta news 
They are currently working on this feature and is to be made available to all real soon, let’s just keep our hands crossed and hope for the best 
The new update which is coming on IOS and Android OS platforms would be of more advantage to all those who once sent a message and wish he or she never did
I mean we are all guilty of this act, I am guilty you are too 
Just recently I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook then I came across this picture where a boy was chatting with his mum on Whatsapp and wanted calling her ‘mummy‘ only for him to end up texting ‘Mumu’ to her . 
Hell yeah I know it is quite funny but it isn’t, I could only imagine what fallout the poor boy is to face for the message he regrettably and unintentionally sent
This is why Whatsapp is currently working on the Delete for everyone feature so as to get rid of such mistakes 
With the new feature update to be released soon, users would be able to revoke and delete already sent messages as far as they have not been received by the recipient on the other end . Not only would you be able to edit contents, you can also revoke and delete already sent files so far as it has not gotten to the hands of the recipient 
The ability to withdraw already sent messages will only work if the person you are sending it to has not yet seen the message and can only be done within a time interval of 5minutes 
A deleted message would be seen as “This message has been deleted ” on your recipient screen this way they be able to know when ever you delete or cancel an already sent message 
What are your thoughts on this new feature that is about to be unveiled by Whatsapp in time to come
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