Updating your plugins from your admin panel in WordPress is very handy. That’s why when this feature went broke here in this blog, I went crazy finding for solutions on how I can solve it.

If you search Google on some solutions for it, you can find a lot but the problem is it can just confuse you to death. I myself was stucked with this problem for weeks, if not months. I know its funny but I became really frustrated because I couldn’t find the solution that would work for me.

So in this blog posts I am going to list different ways on how to fix it so that if a blogger or whoever gets stucked with this problem too, he can get to try the following.

WordPress Plugin Upgrade Failed

This problem is basically when you cannot update your plugins using your admin panel in WordPress. Unfortunately you can also not install new plugins using the admin. Here’s the typical look of it:

Plugin failed

Here are the following solutions for it:

Solution 1. Chmod the upgrade directory to 777

You can do this either using file manager in CPanel or using your FTP access. Basically you have to go to the upgrades directory inside wp-content, and then change its permission from 644 to 777. What this means is that you’re permitting the upgrade directory to read write and execute without any restrictions. This have seemed to be working solution for most people.

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Solution 2. Delete upgrade directory and recreate it.

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If the first one doesn’t work, then try to do this one. Basically you just have to delete the upgrade directory and then recreate it.

Solution 3. Disabling Ask Apache Password Protect Plugin

This was the solution that worked for me. Oddly enough there weren’t that many people who talk about this so if the three solutions above didn’t work for you, then I’m pretty sure this fourth solution will, just like how it worked for me.

So if you have this plugin, all you have to do is disable (or delete it) and then update your plugins. I don’t know why but I just cannot afford to use a plugin that will bring me a problem like this so I don’t think I will ever use it again.

That’s it. You can try each solutions one at a time and hopefully one of them can help you solve this wordpress plugin upgrade problem. If you have questions then feel free to ask in the comment section.


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